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Anyone who has a name like this must be a badass. Insanely popular and everyone likes him. Got heaps of swag and definitely a part person. Summed up in one word a tank
Guy1: Look at that guy. He's such a tank!
Guy2: He must be a Hezron.
by hugschucklol March 30, 2012
an insane person who has no friends.

feeling cool, trying to look cool, facially challenged, sexually distorted
1. hey dude, your'e so hezron

to butt in in someone's conversation, to desperately try to fit in one's group, to try to make yourself cool by means of bothering other people
1. im bored, makes me want to hezron their conversation right now

boy 1: are you hezron?
boy 2: no, why?
boy 1: because, your'e gay, you look bad, and trying to make a shitty hell out of yourself.
by juanito dela cuesta December 17, 2007

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