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Hottest guy ever. Great hair, plays bass (guitar). Listens to a lot of retro-esque metal. Ex. Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, etc.
"Oh my god it's Jaydon! He has the coolest name ever."
by Mona Cielle March 29, 2008
The hottest guy out, normally has blonde hair. Best kisser and always makes people feel special. He is always making peoples day and when he walks into a room he lights it up. Jaydon is great boyfriend material, but is known to like several people at once. Jaydon would normally date someone who is nice and hot, and judges mostly on looks.
susan: that kids really hot
Morgan: he must be a jaydon
by Yasmin guginsberg November 18, 2013
The gayest person in the world. He cant get a girl and likes to suck cock and balls.
Bob: i cant get a girl

Billy: your such a Jaydon
by illestmcswag May 13, 2014

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