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a term used in prison for people that were crazy.
"hey man did you see that hot babe over there?'

"yeah, she is good looking, but a jaycat for sure."
#crazy #bitch #girlfriend #any males #females
by moonrider June 11, 2009
Someone who is consistently catting off/flaking/a no show, MIA, etc.
I always try and hit this bitch up but she is a straight jay cat.

You're always flaking on me, what a jay cat!

Stop catting off, ole jay cat ass nigga!
#catting off #flaking #no show #awol #mia #ghost
by HempGoddess September 11, 2011
A person who is a copycat or someone who tries to act like another person.
guy 1: did you see that foo cappin on that other dude.

guy 2: yea he deserved it he's a jay cat.
#jay kat #jcat #j-kat #jaykt #gay-cat
by Vdizzle October 26, 2006
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