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The sexiest man alive. He is a true gentleman, and treats all girls with the utmost respect. He always tries his hardest to do what he believes is right. He is a medium sized-Broad shouldered football player that loves the sport. He also has a huge d***, that all women enjoy. If he asks out any girl, they can not deny him. He is IRRESISTIBLE. He was a glorious 8 pack, and also has soft luscious hair that no one can resist feeling. No girl can ever deny this true gentleman. He also has one special love, that only he, and the girl he loves, knows.
Girl 1: "Wow!! Look over there!! It's Jaxton!!"

Girl 2: "He is such a gentleman! His Girlfriend must be soooooo lucky to have him!!"

Girl 1: "Oooooh!! Look at that!! He just lifted up that preschooler onto the play ground!!"

Girl 2 & 3: "Awwwwweee!!"

Girl 3: "I've heard he has a huge d*** that no one can resist!!"

Girl 2: "I wouldn't mind taking a ride on his d*sco stick."

Guy 1: "You know, I myself have a big d***."

Girl 3: "Shut up, Craig. I've been with you before, and it's only like 3 Inches. Plus, he is a gentleman, and has an 8 pack, and also has luscious hair, unlike someone we know." *Girl gives Craig "the look"*

*Craig then proceeds to walk away, embarrassed.*
by rawrzer1995 February 08, 2013
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