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The best last name a Mexican can have, since it isn't like the common Mexican last names. Example; Lopez, Hernandez, Fernandez, Ruiz, Juarez, Ortiz, Mendez, Alvarez etc. Notice how a good majority of them end with a 'z'. The only downside of having this last name is people butcher it so badly, especially gringos. Other then that, having this last name means you are a cool ass Mexican.
a: "how do you say your last name?" b: "how-reh-gi" a: "jow-ri-goo-ey?" b: "oh forget it. it's jauregui"
by JustinJauregui August 11, 2011
an amazing last name of a wonderful set of people.
omg! there are the jaureguis!
by Lizzieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee April 06, 2009
When you see your Ex-girlfriend in public & you completely ignore her and/or act as if you don't even see her.
While we were at the store Friday night, Xavier pulled a Jauregui on Alejandra.
by tony-the-tiger December 07, 2011