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Lauren Michelle Jauregui is the definition of perfection. She has eyes that make your chocolate melt even in the middle of winter and a smile that makes you die just by looking at it. Lauren girls often have some of the most intense "feels" as Lauren posts alarmingly attractive selfies on a regular basis and flaunts what she's got like it's her business. Not to mention, her voice is strong like a lion yet smooth like a baby's ass and as soothing as a bowl of weed after a long day. Lauren will sass anyone anywhere, and her sass is commonly attributed to her father Michael Jauregui, who makes sure that the fandom is kept in check with his "Really?" tweets and his recreational use of the block button. Overall, Lauren is a baddass girl who does what she wants and doesn't put up with any bullshit, and she is a boss onstage and off.
Who's that girl from Fifth Harmony who screamed "Holy shit" when they made it to the finals on The X Factor?

Oh, that's Lauren Jauregui, the baddest bitch in town!
by @FifthHarmonyyyy April 15, 2013
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beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, beautiful voice. thats Lauren Jauregui - bisexual Cuban American woman and she's proud of it.
lauren jauregui -
"you aint gotta go to work"

every harmonizer (probably turned gay from lauren) -

*sings along*
*does full choreographed dance routine*
*screams at the top of voice* "SING IT LAUREN"
via giphy
by green eyed goddess March 30, 2017
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a girl who has had too many pr relationships but lies about the real ones, also cheats on her partner and does heavy amounts of drugs and underage drinking despite saying that it was disgusting on twitter. gets easily angry and is a hypocrite. but her fans eat her ass
I wish I could like Lauren Jauregui but it's hard and sad
by sometimesbri April 24, 2017
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