1. An amazing guy that will always be there for you.

2. Awesome source of music.

3. A Scenester.

4. The best person to stargaze with.
Jeeze, I love you so much, you're so Jason.
by onlynicole July 17, 2009
the fuckin' psycho from Friday the 13th. a really gory, but bad ass movie. the nigga kills off those mother fuckers like flies.
jason is the main character
by hiphophead293847 August 12, 2009
A guy that is so god-like you cant even stare at him to long without your retinas burning.
" Oh, hey jason *eyes catch aflame* Ahhhh"
by wiggywackky September 22, 2009
Someone who often tends to over-analyze everything, while still being partially lazy in most efforts. Easily distracted unless upset and very sensitive to others' feelings. Often just tall enough to be a pain, but can never be called short. Likes to demean women jokingly however never actually means it. A little on the dorky side but everyone respects him enough to say anything. Probably one of the most good natured guys you will ever meet, when he is not hell bent on making someone laugh with off beat jokes atypical to most peoples' vocabularies. Enjoys unique types of music and listens to his music frequently along with his intense passion for books. A Jason can be summarily defined as clueless for a large majority of his life until someone throws it in his face, and then is still a little clueless.
I can't believe you could be so Jason!
by marchingbanddork March 05, 2010
A huge tough man who usually kicks everyones ass and attracts all the ladies. This person has the biggest dick in town. He likes to party it up by going to strip clubs, getting drunk, and smoking bud. He's the complete package all around.
Did you see that guy with the massive dick over there??? Yeah i seen him he's a complete jason for ya.
by harold6414 July 11, 2009
1. guy I REALLY want to fuck.

2. Also known as guy with a panache for obscure references and witty reparte.
3. Also known as source of cool music references
1. I would so love to Jason him.
2 and 3. Wow - that's cool to hear you talk about TMBG and Tenancious D. You pulled a Jason on me!
by I'm the other woman May 12, 2009
1) A boy who's mind is too complex to ever fully understand. He's very sexual and has never been able to stay in a relationship for more than a month. But when he finds his real love, he will love her with all his power making his happiness dependent on her.
He's very horny and might pressure his girlfriend unknowingly to do things with him.
On the outside, he looks like your average perverted teenage boy but once you get to know him (really get to know him) you'll find a much vulnerable boy who aches for love.

2) A boy that you just can't bring yourself to dump.

3) The only name that can be spelled with the first letters of five months.
Example 1: I love Jason but I always feel pressured by him to have sex.

Example 2: I want to dump him but he's so Jason.

Example 3:

J - July

A - August

S- September

O - October

N - November
by Proxxy Aristocrat January 20, 2010

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