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A Jason is often the name of the guy who can walk into a room with such swagger that Chicks and Dicks will gawk as soon as he enters a room. Chicks tend to love hanging out "downtown" all night with him.

His strut is undeniably sexy as is his taste in Classic Detroit Muscle Cars and watermelons.

He is so Cute and Yummy that he gets away with a 2 pack of Abs versus 6 for everyone else.
Example #1:

Girls night out girl #1: Sheila! Quick, look, 12 o'clock! Who's that fly sexy m0therfawker walking across the bar with his shirt off?

Girls night out girl #2: Oh that's just Jason and his 2 pack, I'd "Go Downtown" on that again!

Example #2:

Hey, is that Vinny in the IROC Z Camaro? No, that's just my Boyfriend Jason. He's only dating me cause he loves my "Watermelons". He's always asking me to "Go Downtown" with him in his car, I feel special!

To "Go Downtown" - often referred to as a going down on a dude, fellatio, playing the skin flute, shellacking, a blow job, a suck job, a hoover vacuum cleaner, etc.
by IHeartJason.com November 26, 2010
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