A jason is a cute, awkward, dorky boy. He's funny and sweet, can attract many girls by his lovable, boyish charm. However, a Jason isn't the best boyfriend because he doens't like talking or discussing relationship problems, only enjoys showing off his new "prize girl".
s, "i really like jason, but he never talked to me, only showed me to his friends"

e, "i wanted to go out with jason, but i knew better"

friend, "who can resist jason charm and grace?"
Has a really big penis. Really big. Huge.
My boyfriend totally has a Jason penis.
by fly grll February 03, 2010
Jason is someone who is one of those tall, dark, and handsome guys who everyone thinks is hot; aka high calorie eye candy.

He is down to earth and a really sweet guy. Sensitive, yet manly; serious, but has a fun side. Would make any woman feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

Whenever you see him he makes you smile. He has the sexiest voice ever (I could listen to it all day!). Great smile and the best brown eyes! Looks good in a suit and tie and knows his weather! ;)
You'll have dreams of meeting and marrying him one day...

One person said, "Jason is-a guy that is so god-like you can't stare at him for too long without your retinas burning"(wiggywackky).
That pretty much sums it up...
-Hey! I'm Jason; I control Ohio's weather.
-Jason is not ordinary eye candy. He is high calorie eye candy!
-I'm an early riser for Jason's weather forecast.
-Future Mrs. Jason N...
by JNmetlover September 23, 2009
A person that is often misunderstood. He may seem quiet and slow, but in reality his mind is extremely in depth and confusing. He is unlike any other person you will ever meet, and you would be very lucky to be friends with him
"I met a Jason the other day, he seemed so quiet"
by pimpXIII August 18, 2011
A totally amazing guy that cares about your every word. He tends to worry too much about you which is really sweet. He calls you beautiful instead of hot and he'll actually talk to you about your problems if no one else will. He actually cares about your feelings and fears. He tells you he loves you at least once a day. He is altogether a really great guy.
person 1: who was that guy i saw you with?
person 2: thats jason. hes totally awesome and i love him so much.
by JD'sGirl January 17, 2011
a total bad ass.
her mom said to come later than 5:30, jason came at 5:31.
by margi myers July 12, 2010
The nicest sweetest guy in the world. Is very cute and totally hilarious. Has a great taste in music and will be a great boyfriend because he likes to talk not just hook up.
person1: He has good taste in music and is really funny!
person 2: dude he sounds like a jason!
by iluvjason December 05, 2010

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