The japanese art of translating with the japanese person's mouth moving exageratedly not proportional to the tanslated word, usually in cartoons.
The Japanese person was saying "Hi", but japanimation made their mouth move like they were saying "Hello, my name is Kiko and I welcome you to my house that is here in Japan in the Pacific ocean right next to China with the capital being Tokyo and where our money is the yen."
by giggety April 30, 2006
Top Definition
Less common term for anime which an anime geek(otaku) will shun you for using; not to be confused with hentai
Not all anime is porn.
by Geek-O-Man February 28, 2005
Term that describes Japanese animated cartoons made in the 1980s or earlier, usually television series made on small budgets resulting in Bullwinkle-style art and as much story as possible crammed into a half hour. This term has been generally replaced with the word anime since the 1990s.
Kyojin no Hoshi, Heidi of the Swiss Alps, and The Flanders' Dog are the most well-known japanimation titles within Japan.
by The 2-Belo January 07, 2004
Another word for Anime which is admittedly much more fun to say. It is an addictive and awesome artform when it is not being used to either tell depressingly boring stories (unless, of course, they feature those cute demon boys.. grrowl) or is used primarily to get illogically big-breasted women into small shirts.
see also: anime
"japanimation pwns american animation any day of the week ;)"
by =^..^= December 05, 2004
A horribly drawn form of Japanese cartoon, usually resulting in horribly exaggerated features, pointy, blue hair and ninjas wearing orange. A true insult to animation.
That japanimation shit is screwed up. Why the hell do they all have eyes the size of a dinner plate?
by Cu Sidhe August 01, 2008
Animation made in Japan. The only way Japan can express their hatred towards America without George Bush getting medieval on their buttox.
Reporter: Master Japanimator Mr. Miyazaki, what is your opinion on American Japanimation?

Miyazaki: Amedica hazu veddy BAD infruencu 1 chidren. It always "daddy I wann fuck," or "will Joe get chiku," or same such unoriginal thing in Amedican Japanimation. So I base all my Japanimation antagonist on Amedican pigs.

Reporter: Really?

Miyazaki: Yes. In my view, my Japanimation "Spirited Away" is about young Amedican chiku trapped in Japan for somes days. But in end triumphs by learning Japanese way.

Reporter: It seems so. I also feel a sense of American antagonism in your Japanimation "Nausicaa."

Miyazaki: Ho! Ho! My Japanimation/Japanimanga "Nausicaa of Valley of Wind" Amedican antagonism exist to. Torumekia/The 3rd Army wish to defeat the wasteland by destroying EVERYTHING. Hai-domo, VEDDY AMEDICAN. On other hand, the valley people have learned to live in harmony with nature. THAT IS JAPANESE WAY.

Reporter: So the same thing seems to be going on in your Japanimation "Mononoke" too?

Miyazaki: In "Princess Mononoke", Eboshi and iron maker veddy Amedican! They kill whatever in way and hog recources because they are pigs. Ashitaka and his village are Japanese way! They keep to themselves. But demon boar try to change village to Amedican, and Ashitaka is cursed and tempted by Amedican way. But in end Ashitaka triumphs by using Japanese way!

Reporter: Any final comments?

Miyazaki: We Japanese learn much during seconds world war. But Amedican really lose in the end, because they become even more pigs.
by LOLz @ Japanimation December 30, 2004
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