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Jance is a loving and caring with a big heart. Loving to everyone. Down to earth and playful. Adventurous at times but very loyal!
Jantz will make you smile
by Jantz14 January 19, 2014
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a passenger killed in a car accident while his/her brother was driving and survived.

verb* kill a person with a car, either accidentally or on purpose.
2. the act of dying in a car accident

*can be used in place of words rhyming with it, for example dance and pants
ex: "But his brother is in critical condition? What a jantz!"

1. ex: "Did you see that guy just get jantzed over there!"
2. ex: "Tommy jantzed away last week, his funeral will be held next week with a eulogy from his brother who was driving and lived"

*: "We can jantz the night away together!"
by nebby December 09, 2005
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