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A guy with a tiny chode who has an allergy to potatoes. Due to his inability to eat any other food he has been malnourished for all of his life. His diet consists of spiders, woodlice and a concoction made out of cheerios and lightbulb fuses. He usually has one if not more mental instabilities at any one time. He enjoys drinking alcohol while staring at the iranian flag. He has a noticeable lack of opposable thumbs.
Josh: That guy is completely off his rocker. Calvin: Yeah he's such a Jamie.
by Muhombre Aligito March 08, 2012
A boy who talks to animals and trees. He invades other people's feelings and washes dishes in extremely hot water without flinching. He dislikes wearing shoes. He's extremely sweet and has this way of making slobber sound like something enticing. He's right 95% of the time, regardless of how frustrating it is. He's extremely attractive and patient and is determined to marry a really random girl. You wish you had this.
Wait... was Jamie just talking to that cow?
by waffle1120 April 10, 2010
The most amazimg person known to man-kind. Since the dawn of time people have longed to be like him! MEn want to be him. women want to be with him! He is kind and caring funny and loyal and so danm hot! He will be the love of your life, if you let him!
me: you see that guy, thats Jamie
Person: WOW, i think im in love
by esornyrhtak December 26, 2011
the act of fabricating an event or reason to manipulate others and get your way.
My sister told my mom and dad that I had a house party and got drunk the last time they went out of town. Next time they go out of town, I have to go with them. She pulled a Jamie on my parents.
by NFL NUTT August 06, 2011
Jamie; a name which can be used for both sexes.

Often defined by:

1) a tendency to be easily excited.
2) references in general conversation to sexual behaviour.
3) an ability to dance as if being controlled by a puppeteer.
4) an inability to musically synchronise clapping and singing.
Jamie: "Good idea. Makes my dick hard."
by standbyme August 14, 2014
The shit ... Enough said
Damn it's almost like you're Jamie
by Suicidalgopher November 13, 2013
when you see a hot guy walking down the streets, kinda like when bella meets edward, you instantly think, damn thats a jamie. a hot, sexy, perfect guy, who is the most adorable thing. as soon as you see him, you'll be like, 'thats a jamie'
Bella: damn, whos that hot guy?
Jacob; thats a jamie for sure.
bella; right, right.
by bellaadopest October 10, 2011