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The most amazing girl in the world, alot of people are lucky to know a Jamie. Is very intelligent, but can be a fucking dumbass at times. Her presence among others is very valued by everyone, and people always want to be around her. Is very beautiful inside and out, always good to have around for a good laugh.
Rachel: Bro, last night was good!

Tara: Yeah, that Jamie chicks crack up!
by chuuuurrrrr January 08, 2010
Usually Asian, does not know how to drive, and is often making enemies with her boyfriend's "little sluts". She thinks her boyfriend's friends are idiots, and needs a sense of humour. Always in control of everything, and very manipulative. She is a cunning woman, and knows how to get her own way. She knows how to make people feel bad, and doesn't give a shit. She is always looking for free stuff, cheap bitch.
Gary: Bro, that Ellen chick needs a slap

Daniel: I know bro, but she's so sexy.
by chuuuurrrrr January 08, 2010
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