A boy/man named Jamie is generally kind-hearted, friendly and a gentleman. Although he often gets shy around girls and struggles to tell a joke well. He is polite but sometimes mumbles too much, so no one can actually hear what he's saying. He's a really nice guy and would make a perfect boyfriend for a girl who wants a nice guy, who's nice...
'I met this guy the other day, he was really nice.'

'Oh yeah, that was Jamie.'
by Jamie lover April 09, 2013
the sweetest most sensitive guy. usually knows how to sail, and do boat work. very sexy and attractive. comes off as manly and amazingly good looking. is outgoing, and a gentleman, but still knows how to horse around. playful and cute when it comes to hanging out with girls. has good taste in music, and a little shy when it comes to sexual things, but still knows how to have a good time. all around a really fun, hot guy.
aww man, i wish i could dump my boyfriend for jamie. he's such an amazing guy.
by iwantjamie June 25, 2010
A short sexy girl who loves to have fun and party. All the guys love her and want her. Shes athletic and funny and can win the heart of anyone!
by JGOODIE May 24, 2011
The most amazimg person known to man-kind. Since the dawn of time people have longed to be like him! MEn want to be him. women want to be with him! He is kind and caring funny and loyal and so danm hot! He will be the love of your life, if you let him!
me: you see that guy, thats Jamie
Person: WOW, i think im in love
by esornyrhtak December 26, 2011
A cute blonde who is taken but you would still like to go with.
Travis: Jamie will you go to prom with me?
Jamie: ...
by TheGuyNextToYou April 21, 2008
Fingerlinkin' hunka spunk, he's that kid everyone looks at and just thinks to themselves "WOW, I wish I had what's in that guys pants. Usually the life of the Party and the one who has an incredible laugh. He also usually has an incredible seduction technique which can be compared to a lion...always inside, even if it is for short amounts of time. He is one Sexy Chunk of Man.
Girl: "Wow, that Jamies just an incredible sexiness"

Guy: "Even I want some of that"
by ;) ;) ;)... July 11, 2011

Is an amazing dude, he is caring and never fails to make you feel loved, or make you laugh, there is always there when you need him whatever it is, an amazing boyfriend to have
Omg Jamie Is so sweet to me
by Jamie is an amazing dude May 14, 2015
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