The most beautiful, gorgeous man on the planet. A one off and totally perfect in every way possible. All other men are jealous of him and wish they were him.
Oh my gosh, did you hear a whole year group of girls apparently are so into Jamie? I wish I was him!!
by HM1455 April 22, 2011
A beautiful girl. One who is caring and very intelligent. Is very active. She is always a nice person to be around. Tends to super glue her butthole shut
Jamie you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen
by Jamie Briggs February 17, 2014
A randy guy who will always flirt with you, make you feel uncomfortable with his hilarious sex jokes but is a great friend.
Girl One:"Omg did u hear what he just said?"
Girl Two:"I know it was so awkward!"
Girl One "He's definitely a Jamie tbh."
Girl Two "Omg ur right!"
by Blacklines September 12, 2015
Jamie is usually the most awesome person in the room at a time and is usually dashingly handsome and has a nice body. The girls flock to him and he is a loyal follower of The Based God.
Girl 1: Omg, is that Jamie over there?

Girl 2: Yes, he is so sexy I might just pass out.
Guy 1: I think he just turned me gay!
by basedmisfit January 10, 2012
when you see a hot guy walking down the streets, kinda like when bella meets edward, you instantly think, damn thats a jamie. a hot, sexy, perfect guy, who is the most adorable thing. as soon as you see him, you'll be like, 'thats a jamie'
Bella: damn, whos that hot guy?
Jacob; thats a jamie for sure.
bella; right, right.
by bellaadopest October 10, 2011
the act of fabricating an event or reason to manipulate others and get your way.
My sister told my mom and dad that I had a house party and got drunk the last time they went out of town. Next time they go out of town, I have to go with them. She pulled a Jamie on my parents.
by NFL NUTT August 06, 2011
A massive bellend
Your such a jamie
by Leggsta January 29, 2016

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