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The female spelling of the name James a very unique and unusual name, reserved for very unique and unusual people.
Nicknames vary from Jamie, to Jamz.
Person: hi, whats your name?
Jamese: Jamese! :DDD
Person: 0.o Oh. Hai. Nice scarf.
Jamese: :DDDD thnx muchos gracias and waffles
Person: know its summer right?
Jamese: tell that to my jacket :D
by monstagrrl July 12, 2009
A 'james' is a punctuation mark similar to an apostrophe (`).

It is used at the end of a word to denote laughable homosexuality or bisexuality (fagginess).
Hmm. Liberace` is a strange name.

Oh look! Elton John` is on television.

So, have you been winning arguments with Death_Slammer` recently?
by Infinik March 02, 2004
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