A person who can be extremely annoying sometimes, but honestly, you know they're only trying to impress you or someone else. Can be a complete sweetheart.
"Damnit, what did James do this time?" "Oh, he was only trying to impress that girl over there." "Figures."
by NightmareMalfoy October 07, 2011
A complete asshole who takes jokes to far and doesnt know when to quit.
hey james your so cool
james: yeah whatever
by brookelyn sandmaster July 26, 2012
The best guy in the world. He is the most amazing, perfect, handsome, charming, lovable, and cuddliest man on the planet. He is very sweet and will brighten up your day just by smiling. he has very bright and beautiful hazel eyes and kinda darkish brown hair. Hes very funny and he likes to laugh a lot.
oh... my gosh... did u just see that really cute guy?

Yup, he looks like a James.
by oh em gee!! March 31, 2009
Someone Who plays runescape and likes to eat shapes all day.
"James Nice Penis"
by TheBigDickBandit March 11, 2012
A failiure at life, friends, girlfriends, and pretty much anything you can think of
Poor guy, he was born a James...
by Pimpotron9000 January 21, 2013
He thinks he has a monster penis, but in actuality has a schlong the size of a tic tac
"Did you see the size of the dong that guy owns?"
"Yeah it's microscopic"
"Yeah he is a total James"
by professorschnutz November 29, 2013
A person that is annoying as fuck with really shitty hair and has no life outside of his pokemon fandom. He spends his time making bad jokes and can't attract any ladies except for fatties. Even his own parents hate him.
Man he is being so annoying. He is such a James
by whoreific November 07, 2013

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