The most caring person in the whole entire world. His eyes his smile his everything. People fall in love with him every single day. He is the peanut butter to your jelly. He is your shine to your star. He protects you. He will be there for you every single day when you need him. he is your superman. He will rescue you. There's millions of other things you can say about him, but the most important thing to say is I love you James❤️
James is my best friend
by Ptb February 16, 2015
Utter sex-bomb
James blew my mind last night
by jmass January 04, 2015
To know a James is just great 😻. Their amazing in looks and personality, and also really smart. James is one of the best people in the whole world. I love A James and I think all the girls would to, even some boys😹. Everyone's his friend and he can't keep girls off of him 💏❤️💋
*locker room*

Jamie: "Did you see James Sophie?"

Sophie: "he is so good looking."

Sophie: "I'm so glad he is taken."
Jamie: "Bish by who?!?"
Sophie: " Me💘"
by Southersass November 14, 2014
Amazing, long beautiful flowing locks of hair, sexually stimulating. Enormous penis. Stunning personality, always gives to the poor and needy, Nobel Prize winner, successful author, musician. Very wealthy.
Damn, you an amazing James
by brettcockrum June 06, 2009
You have beautiful eyes. You sometimes annoy others, but never on purpose! You're lack in a main talent, but you have many different talents at an equal level. You also have large sexual attractions towards your woman. Other men who've hated you often make you look miniscule or even start rumors about you. The women love you calling you cuddly and kind!
Girls: James is nice and all, sometimes a little quirky, but I still love him!

Other Mens thoughts: “Oh hey I James I'm so cool and all the girls love meh!” Yeah right go suck a lemon you bastard...
by Friendly_Panda_Man June 01, 2014
A guy who is sick of all the girls names showing up on Urban Dictionary with overly attached pre-teen romantic definitions
James used to like Urban Dictionary when it was awesome and had more to do with donkey punches, but now every time he clicks random word he gets to hear about how Hailey is beautiful and positive and all her friends love her
by tjsoj January 17, 2013
a complete cunt
That James, he is a cunt.
by Sc1363874628736273 September 12, 2015

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