A name for a boy who is usually handsome, sweet funny and charming and trustworthy, someone you can share your thoughts with without the fear of him going off and telling everybody, hes liked by many and is a very good friend
"Whos that handsome and charming guy over there"

"He must be a James"
by Angel456789 September 16, 2011
One who has a Massive Cock
james has a Massive cock
by thejis February 03, 2010
dried up semen, specifically when caught with a piece of tissue.
Michael, please pick up that pile of jame off the floor.
by kevin l. jones August 14, 2007
Man of noble character. This man is humble and with good reason, his character speaks for itself and needs no outward acknowledgments to gain respect. The depth of his eyes speak for themselves and with a look he can captivate you. Gentle & Strong set him aside from all other men.
James knows how chocolate melts a woman's heart.
by sassays February 06, 2010
The best and also realest guy in the world. He is the most amazing, sweetest, charming, lovable, and cuddliest man on the planet. He can brighten your day just by making you laugh and by just smiling. He is very bright and has brown eyes along with dark-colored hair. He is very funny and outgoing that he himself loves to laugh a lot. The most important thing is that he is a fighter and stays strong no matter what obstacle comes his way and to say he also has a wonderful personality.
Do you know who that guy is over there?

Yeah, he looks like a James! You can tell by his personality that he is a James.
by j_drake1074 March 12, 2014
a super kind, decently tall, handsome guy that plays guitar well. loves all kinds of music. normally pretty shy but awesome once you get to know him. loves his friends more than anything but will never let them know it. keeps his feelings to himself and will hardly ever cry even if his favorite pet dies. usually pretty intelligent and does well at anything he puts his mind to. A wallflower who kind of just drifts along in life. oh yeah he also has a big dick.
"James gets all the girls."

"James is so much better than me at everything!"

"That cute James guy looks lonely."
by mirandagurl51 August 18, 2011
Sexy, classy, clever and well spoken, you know how to use your smile and wow your audience like no one else.

But you are more than looks! Loyal to your friends, nice to your neighbors, you make your parents proud and even your dog thinks you are the best thing since sliced bread.
Who is that guy?

I don't know, but he's so classy, he's probably a James.
by sillygirl27 February 04, 2010

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