The world's biggest piece of shit. A cheating, lying, disgusting excuse for a man. James will constantly cry to his girlfriends to make them feel guilty. He will pretend that he feels he's worthless and ugly, but behind your back he will sext and flirt with 200 other girls. Also, he convinces people that his exes were crazy, when in reality he most likely has borderline personality disorder. If you ever have the chance to with this dick head, fat ass, say no. He will just try to fuck you up the butt
Danielle: Omg that kid was such a james. I regret dating him

Emily: I told you he was gonna be like that. He did the same to me
by Kaela18294 December 08, 2014
Being a james is being a boring or annoying person, most James's have big heads and small dicks. James's have been reported to finger their own dog.
Mate you're being a right James today aren't you, now get away from your dog and put some clothes on
by chris vod February 15, 2013
Someone who thinks they are right even when they are completely wrong. They constantly contradict themselves and never know when to quit. They always try and be the brightest person in the room and will never admit defeat. James is the type of person who will constantly lose and continue to find an excuse every time. Basically a pitiful wannabe loser, who does not know how to take a lose.
Dang i am tired of James always losing and making excuses.
by Willy J 706 June 25, 2014
Douchebag that's a huge klepto and will ruin your plans and/or life. Completely full of himself and is a total sheep. Hates women, is also homophobic and racist. Treats his female friends like shit and calls them bitches/dogs. If your friends with this guy, then you must be dumb.
*Working on a project*

*James Edward Crandell walks over and knocks it down and tries to steal it*
by fearthefork January 28, 2015
A gay homosexual, but a really good friend who cares alot. Usually ex-strippers.
James is one who hunts straight guys at parties, some give in....
by cherrybomb88starlight January 09, 2013
The stereotypical name for someone good-looking and utterly amazing, but really isn't. A person who turns out to be a big shit on your dreams. Basically, someone who is a let-down
Girl 1: "I was at the mall yesterday and I saw a James"
Girl 2: "EWWW I'm so sorry!"

Person 1: I met this James yesterday. I heard she was the shit"
Person 2: Was she?
Person 1: yea… A big shit on my hopes and dreams!
Person 2:…. sorry man...
by Mimilove November 21, 2013
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