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a boy, usually blonde hair with an amazing personality. he seems like he could be very awkward but after awhile is a great guy to talk to. he can make you laugh anytime and is very friendly. he plays lacrosse as well as football. he is super caring and really easy to talk to. he is a great boyfriend and best friend.
Person 1: Hey, who were you talking to?
Person 2: James, why?
Person 1: I want to get to know him, he seems like an amazing guy.
by gimsofancy May 08, 2014
A word used to decribe or label someone.

Often associated with a person with the name James.

1: To be one with increadably bad hygene and mass ammounts of hair on feet resembling a hobbit.

2: Also speaks in a horrible fashion by mixing up words in every sentence. (See Engrish)

1: Dude, I see a Jame.

2a: "Me Jame going to mall now."
2b: "Jame here now"
2c: "Jame to home going soon now."
2d: "Missing Jame link life to"


2a: "I, Jame am going to the mall."
2b: "I am here now."
2c: "I must go home soon."
2d: "I am the missing link to life."
by Wrath Of Goat June 23, 2003
In Latin the name James means the king, but in the English language it defines a man with an astonishing body beautiful eyes and a huge dick, and he sells tons of weed and gets dem hoes
Guy walking: wow I wish I was like James

Friend: to bad you have a small dick
by The almighty March 22, 2014
1. A name which, in Hebrew, means "one who supplants."
A variant of the name "Jacob."

2. In the Bible, James was a brother of Jesus. As a man, James is also believed to have been the author of the book of James (the Epistle of James), found in the New Testament.

3. The most common nickname of James is Jim.
- James loves cuddling with his hbear.

- "What use is it, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but he has no works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is without clothing and in need of daily food, and one of you says to them, 'Go in peace, be warmed and be filled,' and yet you do not give them what is necessary for their body, what use is that? Even so faith, if it has no works, is dead, being by itself." James 2:14-17 (NASB)
by HB <3 SA April 24, 2006
There are three types of James;
1) James is a rich, ok-looking person. Into books and culture. Very kind and romantic, though not always loyal and doesnt care about other peoples feelings and can be very mean and hurtfull. (Suits people named Adele, cramche , Katie & Megan)
2) James is a down to earth guy into the film business and creative things. He is funny and very good looking(well hung), but sometimes attracts too many girls and doesnt choose the right one. (Suits people called Rhianna, Jemma, Rarni, Jazzy, & Hiranya )
3) A fat, slob who is very kind but enjoys sitting at home playing cod. He enjoys eating and watching porn. (suits people called Adele, Moscheei, Rarni, Alice & Rosie)
That james is a slob

That james is well rich

That james is well down to earth

James and hiranya are together now

James the slob is good with Adele but james the creative one is with hiranya.
by June man hill eye face November 25, 2012
A man with a Amazing Mustache that just seems to Entrance you
Guy 1: Hey you see that guys Mustache?

Guy 2: Yeah its like totally Uber Awesome

Girl 1: I just want to fuck James and his mustache!!!!!!
by The True 3n1gm4 May 29, 2009
The best and also realest guy in the world. He is the most amazing, sweetest, charming, lovable, and cuddliest man on the planet. He can brighten your day just by making you laugh and by just smiling. He is very bright and has brown eyes along with dark-colored hair. He is very funny and outgoing that he himself loves to laugh a lot. The most important thing is that he is a fighter and stays strong no matter what obstacle comes his way and to say he also has a wonderful personality.
Do you know who that guy is over there?

Yeah, he looks like a James! You can tell by his personality that he is a James.
by j_drake1074 March 12, 2014