A man with a Amazing Mustache that just seems to Entrance you
Guy 1: Hey you see that guys Mustache?

Guy 2: Yeah its like totally Uber Awesome

Girl 1: I just want to fuck James and his mustache!!!!!!
by The True 3n1gm4 May 29, 2009
Occasionally friendly and funny and hides potentially charming qualities however is largely offensive and short tempered with a tendency to spout expletives and insults at any given opportunity. A true vulgarian at times. Quick to mock others especially those he feels superior to. Unable to accept his own failings he is quick to point out others mistakes.

Harbours an unhealthy fetish with the Sasquatch

Holds himself in high esteem. His self belief is truly remarkable and modestly ranks himself as supernaturally divine with Demi God status. Personality traits lend themselves well to a successful career in property development or Big foot hunting.
James loves the Sasquatch
by WPrors March 18, 2015
A James is typically a thoughtless person who normally says or does something without it being asked of them or thinking about the action. A James is also the kind of person who dosnt respond well to change. A James can also be very touchy, you can easily change a James' emotional or mood in the time it takes to clap.
James is a James
by Satans Best Buddy February 18, 2015
A guy who likes girls, especially ones (typically) called Philippa.
by ThatdudefromtheUSA February 18, 2015
You have beautiful eyes. You sometimes annoy others, but never on purpose! You're lack in a main talent, but you have many different talents at an equal level. You also have large sexual attractions towards your woman. Other men who've hated you often make you look miniscule or even start rumors about you. The women love you calling you cuddly and kind!
Girls: James is nice and all, sometimes a little quirky, but I still love him!

Other Mens thoughts: “Oh hey I James I'm so cool and all the girls love meh!” Yeah right go suck a lemon you bastard...
by Friendly_Panda_Man June 01, 2014
Someone who is painfully irritating and doesn't even realise this and who tries to be a nice guy but doesn't understand how to socialize properly resulting on him getting rejected and usually isolated, also James's tend to have anger issues resulting in them being mocked after having an outburst.

James can also be used to describe when you are rejected from social groups or events.
George: I didn't get invited to that party on the weekend and Angel won't talk to me after I tired to touch her ass.

Tom: Dude you totally becoming a James!

by Mr. xXx October 11, 2012
Self delusional and self-entitled. Thinks he is jensen ackles despite looking like freddy kruger. Claims to respect women but doesn't even acknowledge them after he dates/sleep with them. Constantly lies and brags about how much he gets laid. Does some gay pornographic things on the downlow which makes you question his sexuality, despite he keeps saying he is straight. Is afraid of women, is seen with insecure girls with no self-respect and dignity. Wants to be chased even though he is a piece of shit.
Tim: Hey let's go that music festival

James Jensen: I'm all about that pitbull.

Tim: You have shitty music taste.
by fearthefork January 28, 2015

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