A James is typically a thoughtless person who normally says or does something without it being asked of them or thinking about the action. A James is also the kind of person who dosnt respond well to change. A James can also be very touchy, you can easily change a James' emotional or mood in the time it takes to clap.
James is a James
by Satans Best Buddy February 18, 2015
You have beautiful eyes. You sometimes annoy others, but never on purpose! You're lack in a main talent, but you have many different talents at an equal level. You also have large sexual attractions towards your woman. Other men who've hated you often make you look miniscule or even start rumors about you. The women love you calling you cuddly and kind!
Girls: James is nice and all, sometimes a little quirky, but I still love him!

Other Mens thoughts: “Oh hey I James I'm so cool and all the girls love meh!” Yeah right go suck a lemon you bastard...
by Friendly_Panda_Man June 01, 2014
A man with a Amazing Mustache that just seems to Entrance you
Guy 1: Hey you see that guys Mustache?

Guy 2: Yeah its like totally Uber Awesome

Girl 1: I just want to fuck James and his mustache!!!!!!
by The True 3n1gm4 May 29, 2009
Generally obnoxious person with very little common sense.
Wow, he's being a James today
by Harvey-Kelly February 28, 2015
A nigga who is too much of a bitch to text a girl he wants to bang
Oh that kid James
Yeah, he's a bitch
by JacobyJones May 14, 2015
The world's biggest piece of shit. A cheating, lying, disgusting excuse for a man. James will constantly cry to his girlfriends to make them feel guilty. He will pretend that he feels he's worthless and ugly, but behind your back he will sext and flirt with 200 other girls. Also, he convinces people that his exes were crazy, when in reality he most likely has borderline personality disorder. If you ever have the chance to with this dick head, fat ass, say no. He will just try to fuck you up the butt
Danielle: Omg that kid was such a james. I regret dating him

Emily: I told you he was gonna be like that. He did the same to me
by Kaela18294 December 08, 2014
Someone who thinks they are right even when they are completely wrong. They constantly contradict themselves and never know when to quit. They always try and be the brightest person in the room and will never admit defeat. James is the type of person who will constantly lose and continue to find an excuse every time. Basically a pitiful wannabe loser, who does not know how to take a lose.
Dang i am tired of James always losing and making excuses.
by Willy J 706 June 25, 2014

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