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One of the most underrated, underappreciated actors in the history of American cinema, as proven by the fact that he has but this one defenition. A remarkable performer with an extraordinarily diverse range in acting talent.
What a compelling performance! You just pulled a James Woods...
by Reina2987 December 13, 2004
A flaming shot of Bacardi 151 rum dropped into a glass full of Four Loco.
Will did a James Wood and blacked out the rest of the night.
by Davis and Alisa March 26, 2011
A man-child.
When he acts so wacky he is such a James Woods
by cassassy June 13, 2014
As seen in Scary Movie 2. The act of waling into something unpleasant or grotesque then uttering "F*ck this" and storming out of a room.

Retreating from a situation and not returning.
Bob didn't want to be here, so he pulled a James Woods.
by Works on Saturdays September 30, 2014
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