A secret ninja obsessed with dinosaurs who uses ivy to take over the world. Enjoys leaving rotting cake in her room as experiments and listening to creepy children's music. Primary weapons used by Jaimes include Melodicas, marshmallow sticks, and foam nerf swords. Jaimes are highly entertaining but if you encounter a Jaime she may very well threaten to stab you in the eye.
Person 1: Woah. Did you see that ninja?

Person 2: Dude, that wasn't just any ninja. That was a Jaime.
by InsaneRoommate December 22, 2009
a person (usually female) who dances extremely dirty at all times of the day. always attractive and has an attitude that drives the male species wild.
ERIC: Wow, did you see the new girl last night?

MATT: YEAH! She was a total jaime! I loved it.
by DD4L4F3 April 26, 2009
Someone who is cute and often gets straight As. A Jaime is always amazingly cool and loves to socialize once you get to know a Jaime. They're mostly extremely artistic and is gifted with beauty. Most Jaimes are short until in their highschool years, they BLOSSOM. Some unlucky ones have big or little sisters. These cursed sisters can be very mean and concieted. Most of the Jaime's sisters can often be loud and annoying. The Jaimes are very, very unique and are wonderful friends. Unlike all of their sisters.
She's my Jaime!
A hebrew girls' name. Another spelling for Jamie. These beauties are curious of the world and are known to be beautiful in their own way. Jaimes love to travel but are very lazy. They are constantly wanting to improve themselves. These girls are tough cookies and they can be having a laugh as they do but hiding a major pain. Jaime's are very stubborn and sometimes selfish, but this can be amusing and their childlike, dreamy attitude to life is attractive and can easily cheer others up. This makes Jaimes great, rare friends and lovers if suited with the right person.
Person1: Your baby is gorgeous what's her name?
Person2: Jaime.
Person1: Great choice!
by getinthere February 05, 2012
A girl with a great smile, and an amazing personality. She can make you laugh no matter what. Your always glad to talk to her. You love every minute you get to talk to her, and you can't wait till your next skype date, or phone call. She's the most beautiful girl you've ever known. She gets you, and talking to her is so simple. She's honest, sincere, and has a huge heart for others. You have so much in common with her, but you also have so much you can learn from her. She's an amazing person that is full of joy!
Guy: I just can't stop thinking about Jaime. She's just the sweetest girl I've ever met!
Guy's Friend: I'm happy for you man! :)
by DJSuspense February 03, 2013
the sweetest girl to walk the planet. The kind of girl that comes along once in a lifetime. Has the last name Mancari. Has a smile that can brighten any day, and tears that can break your heart. She can make you the happiest man in the world. If you happen to find her, never let her go like I did.
Jaime is the best.
by LostBoy1234 May 03, 2010
A girl I honestly wonder why the fuck I gave up on. Insanely gorgeous and funny as hell. Someone I'd do anything for to get back. -Dan
"Why the fuck did I ever let Jaime go?"

""Because you were fucking stupid Dan"
by DannyPhantom16 December 07, 2012
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