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An event in which people contact each other using an internet phone calling program such as Skype.
I'll catch up with you later. I have a skype date with Adam. This is the best time to call him because of the time change.
by kmdsmtmt March 09, 2009
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When you and your significant other or friend plan a time to meet on Skype and video Chat. Very useful when you cannot see person on a daily basis.
Guy 1 " Dude I gotta find a wifi signal, I have a skype date!"

Guy 2 "Oh, cool! Tell me if she's hot as her pics are."
by nansi566 April 19, 2010
A planned conversation on Skype between two people that have an interest in each other.
Bill: Hey you want to chat up on Skype later tomorrow?

Mike: Sorry I can't, I got a Skype date with Cathy
by Fisher12 March 15, 2009
When two people set up a time to video chat on the program Skype in order to masterbate while watching the other masterbate as well. Also a nice time for strip tease.
Jill: I have a skype date later with Jack.
Julie: What are you going to take off this time?

Ben: What is a skype date, man?
Jack: A time when I get to get off while watching my girl touch herself.
Ben: I need to do that!
by Giggles44 January 10, 2010

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