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A girl with a great smile, and an amazing personality. She can make you laugh no matter what. Your always glad to talk to her. You love every minute you get to talk to her, and you can't wait till your next skype date, or phone call. She's the most beautiful girl you've ever known. She gets you, and talking to her is so simple. She's honest, sincere, and has a huge heart for others. You have so much in common with her, but you also have so much you can learn from her. She's an amazing person that is full of joy!
Guy: I just can't stop thinking about Jaime. She's just the sweetest girl I've ever met!
Guy's Friend: I'm happy for you man! :)
by DJSuspense February 03, 2013
An absolutely beautiful girl whose smile, and bright personality make my day :). Her outgoing spirit, and energetic attitude are what catch your attention when you first meet her :). I love to Skype her on the weekends, and talk on the phone with her for hours at a time. She can teach you a thing or two about what syrup to put on your pancakes aswell! ;). She has dreams of becoming a singer and I think she's going to go far with her vocal abilities!

best of all she has a huge heart <3
She's my crush, and her name is Jaime :)
by DJSuspense February 04, 2013

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