A girl I honestly wonder why the fuck I gave up on. Insanely gorgeous and funny as hell. Someone I'd do anything for to get back. -Dan
"Why the fuck did I ever let Jaime go?"

""Because you were fucking stupid Dan"
by DannyPhantom16 December 07, 2012
a bright, vivacious young girl who is spirited. thinks about others and is always there for a laugh when your feeling down.

Smart, intelligent and wise. Amelia and Jaime are quite similar and make for two amazing friends. is beautiful and just lights up the room!
Girl 1: Woah its really bright in here
Girl 2: yer thats coz jaime just walked in!
by Valkyrie Cain November 25, 2011
An absolutely beautiful girl whose smile, and bright personality make my day :). Her outgoing spirit, and energetic attitude are what catch your attention when you first meet her :). I love to Skype her on the weekends, and talk on the phone with her for hours at a time. She can teach you a thing or two about what syrup to put on your pancakes aswell! ;). She has dreams of becoming a singer and I think she's going to go far with her vocal abilities!

best of all she has a huge heart <3
She's my crush, and her name is Jaime :)
by DJSuspense February 04, 2013
Everyone should get to meet a a Jaime at least once in their life. Jaime is a sweet guy. He is tall, shy, and quiet. What he doesn't show on the outside, he posses on the inside. He is an animal when he is alone with someone he likes. An amazing kisser. Usually polite. A gentleman overall, but when he is in the mood, he is an animal. The best time of day for him is night. He can get handsy so be careful. An amazing kisser and even more amazing lover.
Oh Jaime, slower, before you break my hip!
by JellyBeanzz November 09, 2013
it is french for "i like"
j'aime ses boots.=I like those boots.
by cutiecc123 February 14, 2010
Sucking dick in order to convince or bribe somebody
After he was arrested, Joe pulled a jaime on the police officer, in order to be freed
by DiickSlayer69 March 06, 2014
A talkitive person, who happens to be a ladies man. tends to like girls with A in their names..
Wow, That guy is a total Jaime!
I didnt know that jay liked Alexis, yah hes a total Jaime!
by Mataline September 30, 2011

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