A cheap slutty whore that only gives a shit about herself and screws everything with a penis.. And also a backstabing 2 timing 2 faced bitch!
Did yu hear what jade did to her "bestie"
She had sex with the brother..

Jade cheated on me with 7 guys..
by fullbar November 25, 2010
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Jade is a girl. She is very beautiful and she loves a brew! She's often found dwelling in Charlie's bed after a long and raucous sexual adventure! Not only is she incredible in the sack but she is a fantabulous lady to spend time with! She possesses a great pair of breasts and soft, round, tiny buttocks that are very pleasing to the eye! Jade is a treat and a pleasure to get to know, she will always make you feel very important and HORNY!
Omg jade!

You are amazing jade
Oh shit I just jizzed, sorry Jade!

Can I get you anything, jade....No? Are you sure?
by Cup playyaaaaaa April 24, 2013
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a dumb stuck up bitch, fame has gotten to her little slutty head, all she'll do is use you then fuck you over like you're the shit on her shoes.
that girl is sucha prostitute!

that girl is sucha jade
by hhljnf July 15, 2010
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A common stig of the dump.
Usually has short dark brown hair with green skin and purple eyes.
'Jade is such a stig.'

'There's always a horrible smell when Jade is around.'
by Cba. May 14, 2007
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Jades are the strangest, smelliest, uncivilized and never-take-bath-attitude community of people from the northern states of the Indian country (read: UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, shady parts of Delhi and MP). They can be easily smelt and identified by their random, confused looks, sounds they make, idiotic behavior in public and with other jades.

All Jades are north Indians but not all north Indians are Jades.

Jades get terribly excited and hyper when they hear Jade songs (usually terrible and random Hindi songs).

They will ALWAYS talk in Hindi, irrespective of where they are and whether the listener knows it or not.
Man, I can smell him from here. He must be a jade!

Gosh, what is that stench? There has to be a jade around!

Jade guy to a jade girl: "I liked to putted my hand on your big boobs."

Normal guy observing some Jades: "Wow, look at that Jade! He's trying to make a call from a payphone without inserting coins! Sigh, jades.."
by Surya.TheMan September 25, 2010
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sexiest girl in the world, very good at giving head, freak in the bed. usually brunette with brown eyes, is attracted to guys with colorful hair and olive toned skin, loves to get down and dirty with her boyfriend, very kinky(loves to be bitten)., straight as can be, totally horny 24/7
wow, this girl is sooo jade!
by crazy_bitchesz19 April 26, 2009
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A gemstone. A type of plant. A popular girls name. Usually Jades are sensitive and very in touch with their emotions. Very feminine but not afraid to stand up for what they believe in or what they think is right. Jades are very dedicated and commited to their friends. Will always love and trust until they are shown proof to do otherwise. Jades are almost always in a good mood, happy and goofy. Jades have open hearts and open their homes to help others who are in need. Jades are very sexual beings and give their all into pleasing their partner. Jades are very monogamous. Excellent kisser. Very pretty with either bright green or beautiful blue eyes. Light blond or light brown hair.
The bracelet was carved out of Jade. Honey, will you please water the Jade? What do you want to do tonight? Oh, I don't know, let's call Jade! She'll think of something fun!
by wow79 February 02, 2010
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