A beautiful/hot girl. You get just about everything with her. Jade's are usually very nice and you'd be lucky to have one as a friend.
She is such a jade.
by Jellybelly_09 November 23, 2013
An amazing girl whose funny, caring, crazy and kind. She will never judge and always knows how to make you laugh and brighten up your day. She has a wicked sense of humour and is not afraid to say what she thinks. If you make friends with a jade ever letting her go would be the worst mistake of your life. She has brown hair and beautiful eyes. Whenever you see her, you will find yourself in fits of laughter. She will sass you if needed and if you go after her friends then she will go mental. Is sometimes nervous to show how she feels and puts other peoples problems before her own. She is mental, funny and an amazing person also extremely sexi.
Happy birthday jade, have a great day and never change
Your buddy
by all_time_low_forever April 12, 2014
A girl, fragile and hurt. A girl who has been broken and broken again by lads. A girl who is not skinny.. but not fat, who sometimes builds up confidence in herself which then gets torn down buy a horrible dickhead. Who trys for love. The only thing she ever wanted.. the only thing she will ever want. Who says time and time again that she has given up.. but she never has.. she never will. Who is on the verge of turning into a massive slag and a cunt to any lad that comes near her because she has been broken and betrayed by lads so much. If you see a Jade, make her smile, but don't be a faggot about it and call her something like 'as beautiful as the sun', she will hate that and know it is not true.

However a Jade would cover this all up. Jade is very trustworthy and cares the most about her friends- even more than she cares for family! She will break any bitch down who would upset her friends without fail. She trusts too easily, she falls in love too easily. She is too nice.. but she won't always be.
Lost of love.
Craver of affection.
Worhipper of friends.

Just Jade.
by Roxaline. June 30, 2013
Jade is a sweet and generous with a great personality. She doesn't have an attitude and is very smart. Pretty doesn't even come close to how stunning she is. Jade is very sexy and can get with anyone she wants to. Everyone loves Jade as she is the best girl you will ever meet!
She must be a Jade! XD
by Gamer_Girl_Helen April 04, 2014
Jade is kind of a crazy person. She is super innocent but you wouldn't expect it. A great gymnist, she can often be found doing backflips when she's had a few drinks. She's easy to get along with and I absolutely love her. She is my soulmate and Jades and Joes are meant to be 2gethr. Their the best, nicest, prettiest people you will ever meet. Anyone's life will be brighter with a Jade all up in there.
-Carson: "omg Joe! Did you see that girl doing backflips??"

-Joe: "yeah man. She's a total Jade."
by Jpw February 16, 2014
A girl who can be shy but is your best friend. She is loyal to anyone she cares for and will never betray you unless you give her a reason to. She makes mistakes but takes them in stride and learns from them. If she ever hurts anyone, she feels terrible and will do anything to make it up. She is extremely smart but very humble. She is strong, caring, and very loving. She will not approach you at first because she is a little uneasy but once you get to know her she opens up a lot. She has her imperfections but they are perfect. She's not snobby or rude. She's just Jade.
I wish I had a Jade. She could be my bae any day.
by LillianLove November 21, 2014
A girl who is easily flustered and confused and doesn't think before speaking and that causes her to say very strange things. Besides the lack of thought that goes on in her tiny little brain, she is stunningly beautiful with always tan skin and long luscious brown hair. hold this girl tight and never let her go she will always cheer you up.
"hey Ashley, you're in Bio right? ..... what's a loan shark?" -jade
"When i have a baby, I'm going to feed them with a spork. so they can eat pudding and noodles at the same time!" -jade
"If dolphins had hands they would rule the world, like seriouslyyyy" -jade

girl: omg she is such a jade
boy: i know, listen to what she said
girl: yes, but her beauty is so amazing it doesn't matter what she says.
boy: so true, i would marry her
by Kira liser January 01, 2013
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