Jade is so hott! i love his hair! you just have to see him in person! I DID! i love... the pink the hair the pants the voice the shoues and the bod!!!
Nov 2,2003 (Irvine)
by AMANDA H November 25, 2003
Sexy beast of a guitarist for AFI(A Fire Inside)
He is da playah!
by Siobhan October 11, 2003
Jade Puget is:
- the hottest dude on this planet
- best guitarist
- looks damn good in pink
- vegetarian
- just my type (lol)
Jade Puget is the guitarist for AFI(posuers only dont know what it stands for), and he is soooooo fine ;)
by ash loves AFI January 08, 2004
The only guy in the world who doesn't look like a total retard in pink. He's a guitar GOD and his hair is TOTALLY AWESOME! He is SOOOO hot!
Jade is So0o0o0o sexy and he is as close to perfect as anyone can get!!
by A Jade Lover January 01, 2004
(...only real men can wear pink)

The sexiest man to walk this earth;
The awesome guitarist for afi;
(whichever u prefer to use)
sing the sorrow...
by jessie December 31, 2003
The only man to wear pink and make me pant at the same time.
by Pyra October 04, 2003
Extremely wonderful and very cute, indeed (in the not-groupie way!)
Jaaaaddeeee... Can you hear it? it's beatiful...
by Rebella/Sid October 24, 2003

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