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Acronym for "All of Day". The AOD is the event where a BOD ("Beginning of Day") lasts the entire work day, usually from 9 to 5. The AOD is such a rare event that it is believed to be a myth.

Whenever one utters the word during a BOD, the AOD will be ruined. Therefore it is also known as "That which cannot be spoken of".
16.30 Renji: "We're heading for an AOD!"
16.31 @: No!
16.31 Whacko: You have said that which cannot be spoken of!!
16.32 Ollie: Hey guy's I'm quitting work early today, seeya!
by Renji November 26, 2007
When someone clearly has an obsession with attention and really cant get enough it , will do anything to get some. DOing something stupid, embarrassing or down right crazy.
Greg: Woah! Why's that new kid running around school naked?

Norma: Poor kid, he doesn't know what hes doing.. he's AOD .
by MrA-Z May 16, 2009
AoD Stands for Angels OF Death which is the longest Quake 3 1.32 Clan to be a round. Lasting over 9 years since the beguinning of Quake 3. AoD Is the Leading Quake Clan IN the Entire NA community. Lead By SiMoNSeZ and having more then 15 of the extremest gamers and over 900 Members in 9 years. This just might be the Clan to Sponsor.
noob: omg I can believe these guys are impossible.
smartkid: Yeh did you know their AoD
noob: ffs i should of known even the teams to 10 vs 2 we need the help.
by Jimmy Hossa February 06, 2008
After Office Drinks .. the get together with coworkers after office hours to have a drink and spend a good time. Weird things may happen afterwards.
Did you hear that Oscar dirty danced with Mariana at the AODs?
by dcorona1988 December 13, 2014
Angle of the Dangle... Refers to the Angle and size of a woman's breast while applying cocaine to them to generously snort, while gaining the bonus of having your face on boobies.

AOD can also refer to a game where (typically coked out guys) will pretend to pass out (slowly falling to the ground) but stopping themselves before ever coming in contact with the ground, it's kind of a "who's balls are bigger" test, which can go badly if you don't control your AOD, you can end up on your face.
Lisa has great AOD!

<pretends to fall> OH DAMN Tim, GREAT AOD!
by Amfek May 27, 2013
Adrenaline overdose. Used after a heart-pumping or terrifying experience. Generally used in that moment where you've just narrowly avoided instant death.
Damn, AOD much?
Dude, that was a total AOD
by Tofino for life June 26, 2011
1)Always On Drugs
2)Ass on Demand
Person 1: So what's Peter up to today?
Person 2: Smokin' weed, you know the usual.
Person 1: Man Pete's AOD (Always on Drugs)

Pimp 1: Get your ho's, today's the lapdance-a-thon
Pimp 2: I got AOD (Ass on Demand) I don't need no lapdance

by T7T7T7T7T7T7T7 August 29, 2006
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