Bollocks. Balls. Nuts.
Fiddle-de-dee! I just put my Jackson Pollocks through the paper shredder. How embarassing.
by Theeph May 28, 2003
1. n. Painter in the abstract expressionist movement. Reclusive alcoholic who died in an alcohol related car accident. A sick genius.

2. n. and v. Explosive diarrhea.
Friend 1: Dude. Stomach flu. Totally fluid. Totally spraying all over. I am so sick I just Jackson Pollocked the toilet, the tub and the bathroom wall. Just emailed a photo. I am a sick genius.

Friend 2: Wow. That wall is harshed. That is a Jackson Pollock.

pizza pizzaria diarrhea gross shit sick
by Pervasive D January 11, 2011
1. n. An artist whose style is characterized by his method of throwing paint at a canvas in a seemingly random manner.; 2. v. to ejaculate forcefully on the face of another.
Though I do not appreciate the formless methods he employs, Jackson Pollock is exceptionally creative in his methods.

Dude, I totally jackson pollocked jenny last night.
by Gerald McFannigan. January 27, 2009
To vomit. Named after the expressionist painter whose works look rather like multi-coloured spew. Used in Red Dwarf by Kryten.
I think I feel a Jackson Pollock coming on - Kryten, Red Dwarf.
by steve2977 November 17, 2006
When you shit into a girls vagina and then she squats over a canvas and sprays the shit onto the canvas, you hang it on the wall and jerk off to it.
After art class we went back to my place and enjoyed a jackson pollock, my house still stinks but my dick is raw.
by Nick St Clair September 13, 2009

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