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The area of a chick's ass that a male's Jackson Pollocks hit off when he bangs her
I sat down on my sandwich.
Now it's flatter than Jenna's biffing plate.
by Theeph May 28, 2003
Expression of affection etc.
John: Stu! Mateymoo!!
Stu: Oh fuck no. Not you too d00b...

Stu drops the hammer and royalled John like he ain't no thang.
by Theeph June 17, 2003
Female equivalant of Mofo.
Used for emphasis.
Also possibly a type of multivitamin
God*damn*... some red haired, pony tailed white boy just ran the fuck over my shoes more than a femofo
by Theeph June 03, 2003
Bollocks. Balls. Nuts.
Fiddle-de-dee! I just put my Jackson Pollocks through the paper shredder. How embarassing.
by Theeph May 28, 2003
A much cuter way of giggling.
The "KK" must be whispered in the back of your throat for ultimate effect. Takes practice.
Angry mob: We gonna mess j00!

John: Is't possible?!

Stu: We are lost!

*John and Stu exchange conspirital grins*

John and Stu: gikkle!!

Angry mob: Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

*Angry mob turns on itself*
by Theeph June 03, 2003
The act of obtaining the correct answer to a task, only to be rewarded with nothing.
Stu: Yo so I took the mackin' to this Catholic bitch, ne?

John: Seen, ese.

Stu: And I give her da trinkets and shit, but no goosie.

John: LOL! Vato... YOU WIN THE PRIZE!!!

Stu: ....

John: NO PRIZE!!!!

*slams hand down VERY forcefully on desk*
by Theeph June 02, 2003
An anogram of "Snap kick to the side of the head"
I was walking along the other day when Kris Campbell busted out his phat Wu-Tang-Fu and SKTTSOTH'd my ass to tha wall.
by Theeph June 01, 2003
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