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16 definitions by RoyCoup

1.) In an effort to speed up getting to know each other sexually, a couple discusses what they will or will not do in bed.

2.) Also works for VD Go Fish, wherein a couple finds out what VD's they may or may not have/have had.
"Do you give blow jobs?" "Yes." "Do you swallow?" "Go fish!"
"Do you do the Kansas City Clam Bake?" "Go fish!"

"Do you have herpes?" "Go fish. Do you have chlamydia?" "Go fish!"

"What happened with Candy last night man? You guys seemed like you were hitting it off." "We were. Until we played "Go Fish" and I found out she has herpes!"
by RoyCoup November 21, 2012
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When your girlfriend is sitting in a chair and you come up behind her ever so quietly before busting a nut all over the back of her head.
It was wildly coincidental that while Susanna was watching a preview for the new Lincoln movie I gave her The Abraham Lincoln.

My girlfriend considers watching out for "The Abraham Lincoln" a form of Homeland Security.
by RoyCoup November 15, 2012
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When you stick your smelly armpits in your lover's face unexpectedly.
Brenda didn't even think I would give her The Armpit Ambush when she went to kiss me goodnight last night. She was in for quite a surprise.
by RoyCoup November 28, 2012
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When you are banging around a very solemn and tearful crowd of people. Such as, at a funeral.
Brenda's grandfathers' wake was last night. To help her cope, we did The Appomattox Courthouse in the funeral home.

Jimmy is always cruising at funerals to see which sad chick he can give The Appomattox Courthouse to.
by RoyCoup November 15, 2012
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When your lover is lying on the floor and you give them a facial reminiscent of the stylings of abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock.
Or, an abstract expressionist facial.
Mariam wanted to prove that she was a purveyor of the fine arts, so last night I gave her The Jackson Pollock.
I told my wife I was feeling creative while we were having sex last night. She thought I meant anal. She was relieved when I told her I had The Jackson Pollock in mind.
by RoyCoup November 15, 2012
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When you bang without moving your hips or shoulders in an effort to be discrete.

also known as, River Dance Fucking.
Brenda's grandparents are over for the holidays. They're both blind and deaf, so we've been doing The River Dance Fuck all over the house.
"Honey, I think there's a couple in that phone booth River Dance Fucking." "How can you be sure?"
Once we figured out that people could only see our heads and shoulders, Brenda and I made The River Dance Fuck behind the dumpster at Curly's Smokehouse a Friday night ritual.
by RoyCoup November 15, 2012
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When you ejaculate on 47% of your lovers face.
I got so horny watching the presidential election, I just had to give Brenda 'The Mitt Romney.'

I wanted to seem like a compassionate guy, so I only gave Brenda 'The Mitt Romney'.

My wife told me I was lazy today, so I gave her 'The Mitt Romney'. I was happy to oblige.
by RoyCoup November 12, 2012
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