Another name for a US Twenty Dollar Bill; US cash demonination featuring President Andrew Jackson - equivalent to twenty Washingtons or four Lincolns.
Hey... stop at that ATM. I need a Jackson or three.
by Otis Green December 04, 2005
Depends on which Jackson. Some Jacksons can be pretty chill, but others are total fuckboys. Jackson the fuckboy is usually an arrogant, egotistic person and they believe that they are the king of the world.
"Hey, you're Jackson right?"
"Yup. But call me King Jackson. Or Mr Jackson. Or Doctor Jackson. Or Professor Jackson. Any of those work."
"But you aren't a king, or a doctor or a professor"
"I will be."
by The One With Meanings April 15, 2015
A guitar company started by Grover Jackson, and was recently bought by Fender USA. The guitars appealed to many metal guitarists, and pretty much anybody in metal has played one. Some features of Jackson's include sharkfin inlays, floyd rose tremolos, compound-radius fretboards, and awesome shaped bodies (randy rhoads, kelly, king v, warrior, soloist, dinky ect).
I cant decide whether or not to get a custom Jackson or Esp for my death metal band.
by jackson knox March 06, 2006
When someone in a group is annoyed by the actions of another to the extent that he calls someone "Curtis", the people in the group will often be shocked and expect the person to apologize to the victim. However, this apology isn't expressed through the casual "sorry" or "I didn't mean it," but rather by putting a smile on, tilting one's head slightly, and in a completely friendly tone, saying "...Jackson!" Reason of course being that Curtis Jackson, otherwise known as "50-Cent", is the somewhat epitome of badassery. After such confrontation, all differences within the group are settled and they continue whatever activity they were carrying out, such as playing some cod 4 or having pizza, or even a combination of the two!
kid: don't be such a curtis...Jackson!

kid: you guys are being such curtis's
rest of group:*GASP*
kid: (puts on a friendly smile and head-tilt) Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiackson!

kid 1: that was such a curtis thing to do you god damn curtis!
rest of group: HOH
kid 2: woah, jackson that shit!
kid 1: fine, Jackson
kid 3: wtf say it twice
kid 1: ok, Jackson!
by JackyCizzle March 17, 2010
a chain of gas stations that consist of "shell" "chevron" and just plain jacksons. high crime rate, lots of theft due to the horrible training that the sales associates recieve. alot of drug traffic in the parkinglots.
always lock your car doors and roll up your windows when going to a jacksons
"goin to jacksons to buy a pack of cigarettes"
"ok.. dont get shot"
by dudeface46578898 March 23, 2008

From rhyming slang: Jackson Pollocks, bollocks.
My girlfriend only lets me teabag her if I've shaved my Jacksons.
by Mr. Cardboard June 30, 2012
A large testicular cyst, often becoming so huge that it begins to split and grow inside-out. Cause of these cysts are unknown but men who are sexually active have a .3% higher chance of getting one. The only known cure to a Jackson is by inserting a super-heated rod into the center of the cyst (also called the Lincrem) which will erupt the cyst, clearing it of excess pus and fluids (The fluids are too thick to be taken out via syringe), finally the excess fold of skin must be quickly surgically removed to prevent a bleedout.
That man's Jackson has become infected, it must be operated on immediately.
by Doctor Outland August 28, 2013

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