The funniest guy your ever going to meet he nice and no one likes koalas more than him he will be a wrestler and have a koala as his tag team.
He is such a Jackson.
by Cool Dudde Epic May 21, 2015
When an Australian man leaves a strip club without notifying his friends.
He went and did a Jackson last night
by Irishbloke May 20, 2016
A person who knows the truth about every hidden secret the government is hiding.
Girl 1: I was talking to Jackson last night about politics and how great the government was, and he laughed and educated me on the true agenda of the government!
Girl 2 : damn that Jackson really knows his shit
by J.K. Muncy May 18, 2016
Jackson is a cute, funny, and athletic person. It is hard not to like Jackson. Jackson is a loyal friend and is always there to cheer you up.
We all need Jackson in life.
by Soccer Doge June 05, 2016
Chach who constantly says swag and never seems to know where he's going. Usually Feminist.
See that guy over there? He's such a Jackson.
by texasgal12 March 23, 2016
Another name for a US Twenty Dollar Bill; US cash demonination featuring President Andrew Jackson - equivalent to twenty Washingtons or four Lincolns.
Hey... stop at that ATM. I need a Jackson or three.
by Otis Green December 04, 2005
A guitar company started by Grover Jackson, and was recently bought by Fender USA. The guitars appealed to many metal guitarists, and pretty much anybody in metal has played one. Some features of Jackson's include sharkfin inlays, floyd rose tremolos, compound-radius fretboards, and awesome shaped bodies (randy rhoads, kelly, king v, warrior, soloist, dinky ect).
I cant decide whether or not to get a custom Jackson or Esp for my death metal band.
by jackson knox March 06, 2006
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