A guy that's like crazy perfect. He's tall and strong and will love his girlfriend unconditionally, no matter how crazy she is. Jacksons are usually really athletic, and modest about it too. The Jackson you know will be cute and will end up to be your whole life. Your fights will start as "you love me more" to "I love you to the moon and back, there's no way you love me more than I love you."

He'll put up with you and say he does it because he loves it. Or because it's his job, then tell you he loves his job. Jacksons are extremely modest, but strong in the emotionally, the mentally, and physically.You won't be able to get your Jackson out of your head. I promise you.

Overall, Jacksons are the best thing in the world. You won't go wrong if you find yourself one.
"Known Jackson for five years, haven't gotten over him since."
by redtipsandshowinghips June 25, 2013
a knife loving freak, possibly a terrorist that kills animals in the backyard or anywhere he can find one. will most likely snap one day and kill everyone
jackson please dont kill me
by bam waldron December 26, 2010
Cute, Funny, and definitely not shy, Jackson will always make you flutter inside and laugh at the same time. Every new girl likes him, and even some people that have been around him for years.
Me: I really like Jackson.. Is that weird?

Friend: Of course not! I like him too. What isn't there to love?
He's the whole package!
by Chelsealways September 24, 2011
Twenty-dollar bills ($20). Often used in conjuntion with benjamins benjamins.
Give me a couple o' Jacksons so I can buy my ho them phat shoes.
by Fly Boy May 06, 2003
He is a shy, quiet guy but he it's kind-hearted. He is will be the sweetest guy you'll ever meet.
"Have you met that new kid?"

"Yea, he is such a Jackson."
by miss_yaaaaazzzzz January 26, 2015
Awesome man with big muscles. Has awesome hair. Is an athlete. Easily loved and very attractive. Awesome on dirt bikes.
Jackson is awesome
by Jackdup100 April 22, 2015
The placing of the hand in a flaunting manner so as to retrieve the attention of another. Usually takes place on the shoulder, upper arm, or thigh. Not usually meant in an awkward way or sexual way.
So, I was sitting in math today, and my friend pulled a Jackson on me when I told her my goldfish died
by Pimp Kid April 17, 2011
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