$20 bill. Equal to 20 Washingtons, 10 Jeffersons, 4 Lincolns, or 2 Hamiltons. Five Jacksons make up a Franklin.
Stop off at the bank, I need to pick up some Jacksons.
by Stephen Venneman December 04, 2005
A faggot
Jackson is a fag
by El mucho ding dongo May 31, 2015

From rhyming slang: Jackson Pollocks, bollocks.
My girlfriend only lets me teabag her if I've shaved my Jacksons.
by Mr. Cardboard June 30, 2012
Slang term for excellent as used on the Sit-com Nathan Barley
That's well fucking jackson
by Sam-K January 24, 2007
A large testicular cyst, often becoming so huge that it begins to split and grow inside-out. Cause of these cysts are unknown but men who are sexually active have a .3% higher chance of getting one. The only known cure to a Jackson is by inserting a super-heated rod into the center of the cyst (also called the Lincrem) which will erupt the cyst, clearing it of excess pus and fluids (The fluids are too thick to be taken out via syringe), finally the excess fold of skin must be quickly surgically removed to prevent a bleedout.
That man's Jackson has become infected, it must be operated on immediately.
by Doctor Outland August 28, 2013
A twenty dollar bill. And twenty Franklins would be two thousand dollars, not twenty. I think T Wade was going for twenty Washingtons. Let's not confuse the foreigners, now.
I'll trade you my five boring Jacksons for that sweet ass Franklin.
by Midwestern Son December 04, 2005
since andrew jackson is on the $20 bill, jackson is a way to describe or point out someone age; someone in their twenties.
1: hey, why don't you go flirt with that girl over there?
2: naw man, she's probably in her jackson (s), i'm barely 18!
by sirpoopsalot02 July 13, 2011

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