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$20 bill. Equal to 20 Washingtons, 10 Jeffersons, 4 Lincolns, or 2 Hamiltons. Five Jacksons make up a Franklin.
Stop off at the bank, I need to pick up some Jacksons.
by Stephen Venneman December 04, 2005
Another name for a US Twenty Dollar Bill; US cash demonination featuring President Andrew Jackson - equivalent to twenty Washingtons or four Lincolns.
Hey... stop at that ATM. I need a Jackson or few.
by Alix Tetreault December 04, 2005
Slang term for excellent as used on the Sit-com Nathan Barley
That's well fucking jackson
by Sam-K January 24, 2007
A twenty dollar bill. And twenty Franklins would be two thousand dollars, not twenty. I think T Wade was going for twenty Washingtons. Let's not confuse the foreigners, now.
I'll trade you my five boring Jacksons for that sweet ass Franklin.
by Midwestern Son December 04, 2005
since andrew jackson is on the $20 bill, jackson is a way to describe or point out someone age; someone in their twenties.
1: hey, why don't you go flirt with that girl over there?
2: naw man, she's probably in her jackson (s), i'm barely 18!
by sirpoopsalot02 July 13, 2011
(Verb) to Jackson, Jacksoning, Jacksoned. The act of Jacksoning someone is to somehow, exploit or otherwise manipulate, a completely unwilling party, to provide an aid or a service, while providing absolutely no short or long-term compensation. It is executed to such a degree of dexterity and skill, that often, the Jacksoned party does not fully comprehend that they were infact Jacksoned. One can often comment on the laziness of a Jackson, or on how much a Jackson is in their debt, or can discuss previous incidents with other victims, and yet will still unwittingly get Jacksoned by that same party. A Jackson will always leave an opening available for any future goods or services they may require. Jacksoning is not limited to any one-on-one manipulation but can extend to several individuals, for several different things.

Side note: Jacksoning is not a spontaneous act, that can be achieved by anyone. It is a delicate art that has to be practiced often, and planned to perfection. A good Jackson can achieve almost anything for the price of nothing.
Steven: hey buddy! where you going?

Clark: I’m just gonna go buy a pack of cigarettes.

7 hrs later.

Clark: (to his friend john) man, earlier I was walking to my car, to buy a pack of cigarettes, and I ran into Steven. Somehow we ended up at dinner, I paid for his meal, then dropped him off at his house, where we ran into his landlord. He somehow convinced me pay for his next 2 months rent.

John: That’s odd!

Clark: yea, I know. He also took my pack of cigarettes. I’d go buy another pack but he borrowed my car for the next week. I had to walk back, cause I didn’t have anymore money to pay for a cab.

John: DUDE! You just got totally Jacksoned!!!

by cola w. balls May 18, 2010

The name given to a stranger or long-term acquintance whose
real name you have no intention of ever learning.

A command given to a good buddy who has really got to calm down or else he will endanger losing the privilege of your friendship.

You: "Would you mind telling me how to get to the subway?"
Stranger: "No problem. Three blocks to the north and one to the east."
You: "Thanks Jackson."

Buddy: "Timmy's mother's funeral is at 4:00."
You: "You've told me that four times."
Buddy: "And now I'm telling you again."
You: "At ease, Jackson."
by ndrhodymatt July 26, 2007