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(Verb) to Jackson, Jacksoning, Jacksoned. The act of Jacksoning someone is to somehow, exploit or otherwise manipulate, a completely unwilling party, to provide an aid or a service, while providing absolutely no short or long-term compensation. It is executed to such a degree of dexterity and skill, that often, the Jacksoned party does not fully comprehend that they were infact Jacksoned. One can often comment on the laziness of a Jackson, or on how much a Jackson is in their debt, or can discuss previous incidents with other victims, and yet will still unwittingly get Jacksoned by that same party. A Jackson will always leave an opening available for any future goods or services they may require. Jacksoning is not limited to any one-on-one manipulation but can extend to several individuals, for several different things.

Side note: Jacksoning is not a spontaneous act, that can be achieved by anyone. It is a delicate art that has to be practiced often, and planned to perfection. A good Jackson can achieve almost anything for the price of nothing.
Steven: hey buddy! where you going?

Clark: I’m just gonna go buy a pack of cigarettes.

7 hrs later.

Clark: (to his friend john) man, earlier I was walking to my car, to buy a pack of cigarettes, and I ran into Steven. Somehow we ended up at dinner, I paid for his meal, then dropped him off at his house, where we ran into his landlord. He somehow convinced me pay for his next 2 months rent.

John: That’s odd!

Clark: yea, I know. He also took my pack of cigarettes. I’d go buy another pack but he borrowed my car for the next week. I had to walk back, cause I didn’t have anymore money to pay for a cab.

John: DUDE! You just got totally Jacksoned!!!

by cola w. balls May 18, 2010
A person of high energy and appeal. His intensity is both a blessing and a curse. His spontaneity and enthusiasm are inspiring but at times exhausting. He is easily loved and a pure joy to all who meet him. His zest for life is contagious.
Everyone needs a Jackson to make life interesting.
by momofthree February 02, 2010
a highly attractive guy with amazing eyes and abs that will blow your mind! Very athletic. Hes a sweet talker and tends to get his way alot. He says and does everything a girl would want a guy to at exactly the right time. Tends to make people around him happy and comforted so that its nearly impossible for you to be mad at him.
"Woah that guy was absolutly perfect!"
"oh he must be a jackson"
by jacksonsgirl14 April 03, 2010
One of the funniest people you will ever meet in your life. You can tell and talk to him about anything and everything. He's that total 'Guy next door' kind of guy, you start off thinking you'll definitely just be friends with him and then slowly you'll find yourself falling for him. He is very blunt and always says exactly whats on his mind, never afraid to hold anything back so it comes out kind of rude sometimes which is sometimes not the best thing. For the most part he's your best friend and he always will be, that'll never change. If you don't have a jackson in your life, I strongly suggest you find one.
Person 1: Dude I heard that kid talking the other day and he is funny as hell
Person 2: Yeah thats jackson :)
by 0187283 October 16, 2010
It's a twenty dollar bill, not a cock. That's a Johnson you dumb shit.
Me:"A jackson is a twenty dollar bill, not a cock. That's a Johnson you dumb shit."
by Yo mama !!!!!! December 04, 2005
Cute, Funny, and definitely not shy, Jackson will always make you flutter inside and laugh at the same time. Every new girl likes him, and even some people that have been around him for years.
Me: I really like Jackson.. Is that weird?

Friend: Of course not! I like him too. What isn't there to love?
He's the whole package!
by Chelsealways September 24, 2011
A man with the most sexy abs you will ever see. When women walk by him the faint because of his hotness. There is not a second in his life where a girl is not staring at him because of his sexyness. He is life.
Wow! Look at that handsome man over there! Oh yeah, that's Jackson.
by blart555 September 20, 2011
Jackson is the best guy you could ever meet. Sexy accent blends well with his incredible hotness. He's funny and intelligent, but sometimes silly. He is very polite for girls, but he's a wild animal on parties(sometimes it's a disadvantage). Every girl would like to have one. He is able to do anything for his love (even buy a ticket and fly 9000 miles to just meet with her). He loves to make girls smile and laugh. He's a bit shy and tries to appear like he's a good boy, but he has a little pervert devil inside. He is very strong. His past was not nice, but he's trying his best to be a good person and cure his addictions. He's a real jewel and if you got one - never let go, because you will regret that very soon.

You can describe him with the whole alphabet.

Amazing, beautiful, charming, delightful, extraordinary, fabulous, gorgeous, hilarious, intelligent, joyful, kind, lovely, meaningful, naughty, original, patient, romantic, strong, tolerant, unexpected, wonderful, young, zesty.
Jane: Hey girl, look at that hot guy!
Susan: Oh, that's Jackson.
Jane: Do you know him? I'd totally tap that!
Susan: Oh yeah, he's my boyfriend.
by Avonleay December 30, 2011