A pretty cool guy, who's well-known as player. His full name is actually Jack Sparrow. If you ever see him, you should try to get his autograph immediately.
A: Dude man, who's that?
B: He's Jack, Jack Sparrow.
A: Dude, I gotta get his autograph
by unstoppableyolo January 01, 2013
another word for a five pound note
yea it was a jacks altogether
by ghte May 21, 2005
The hottest and sexiest cod editor ever. Guys want to be him, and girls want his body. Anybody is more than lucky to have a Jack, especially a Jack Rizzo in their life. You would be mentally challenged to not want to turn gay for him.
"Did you hear People magazine named Jack Rizzo the sexiest man alive?"
by Evan's Memes March 09, 2016
Jack is one of the hottest boys you'll ever meet, he's smart and has the best personality, although he might come off as a bad boy, he is so funny and amazing and I'm so lucky to have him in my life.
Friend: wow! Who's that

Me: oh that's jack, I'm so glad to have him in my life

Friend: aw you're so lucky
by Bandsforever November 24, 2015
The coolest guy in the entire world. Brown eyes, brown hair. Tall and muscular, ticklish. And he rocks! loves people smaller than him!
He must be a Jack!
by Pornstar1000000 November 11, 2015
Someone who you could never forget, the kindest person who is not afraid to say how he feels. He has the strangest of friends and is very easy to talk to. You should never walk away from a Jack, it is the biggest mistake you could ever make.
"Jack is the sweetest guy!"
"I wish I had a Jack..."
by someone irrelevant May 02, 2015
A neonazi, bmp or far right extremist
More often than not a heti, ecchi or other freak and not exclusively cis
'look at that fukin jack wtf is is doin'
'i heard he was bmp'
by csgois4fegsnscrubs September 08, 2014
Fucking best guy ever.
jack is awesome
by zane bear December 02, 2013
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