A neonazi, bmp or far right extremist
More often than not a heti, ecchi or other freak and not exclusively cis
'look at that fukin jack wtf is is doin'
'i heard he was bmp'
by csgois4fegsnscrubs September 08, 2014
Jack is the most amazing man you will ever meet, he's so fit and has amazing eyes. He is a sex God. He has blue eyes and will charm you into orgasm. He is so much better than a David because David's are fags. David's have no dicks and a Jack is so much sexier than David, He's so fit and intelligent and will make you orgasm forever, he will own you in a fight and knows what he is doing. He is a genius and a charmer to the ladies
Jack is a fking sex god
by frankbellino June 02, 2013
A supermegafoxyawesome hot guy that unfortunately you can't get over. Amazing personality and beautiful eyes and an awesome smile. Nice arse.
Guy 1: Dude, I wish I could be like Jack
Guy 2:His abs are to die for
by MZOND69 February 22, 2012
Some of the hottest teenage boys have the name Jack
Girl 1- Have you seen that boy Jack, hes hot!

Girl 2- What one? Their all hot!
by LoweLove May 05, 2011
a man, of usually an older age, who is the man. he does whatever he pleases and doesn't care what anybody else thinks. he has a good sense of humor and can be found often laughing at his own jokes. he likes to tell younger men about his stories from back in the day, and most of the stories are legendary. he is respected by all who walk among him. (JACK must be spelled with all capital letters)
"that man over there is JACK and is always telling me crazy stories about his glory days."
by Michiganfan4 November 18, 2009
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