A woman's name. Used to conjure up images of the kind of woman from whom you might catch a venereal disease. Not a classy bird. Probably wears a velour tracksuit.
Yeah there were plenty of women there, but they were all real Jacintas, so we bailed pretty early.
by stephen_daedalus September 17, 2010
Top Definition
A total good girl (or so it seems). An adorable cutie pie, a sweetheart.
Everyone loves a Jacinta since she is hiding a sexy little minx inside her that often comes out when she hits the town (or in bed...)
She is much more experienced then she appears and will drive any young male wild in bed.
Guy A: How was that girl you took home from the club last night?
Guy B: Oh god, she was such a Jacinta, it blew me away - well she did at least! - hoping to ask her on a date cos dude I could go that again, many times!
by 10.22 June 24, 2009
Jacinta is a name used most often to describe a female.
A Jacinta is usually very pure and innocent regardless of her expressive nature and attractive attire.
When in love with a Jacinta most men find they are unable to think impure thoughts of her and are restricted (in a good way) to having only loving thoughts of her.
- I'm totally in love with this girl, I'd do anything she asked and be content.
- You've fallen for a Jacinta, I hope I'll have that experience some day.
by E-lol March 13, 2011
A female name. Amazingly funny, kind, smart and sweet. Unbelievably beautiful and attractive, stunning. Simply perfect
guy 1: Who was that girl you were talking to last night.
guy 2: Jacinta, she's amazing i don't believe in perfection but perfect is the only way to describe her.
by 6:01 April 15, 2011
The most beautiful type girl on the planet. So intelligent, kind, insightful and inspirational. Completely cool, a 12 out of 10. Truly a wonder to man kind, nearly always a lesbian though
Girl 1:I'm dating someone whose such a Jacinta

Girl 2: aww lucky
by Thestarsandback December 26, 2015

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