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Jacinta is a name used most often to describe a female.
A Jacinta is usually very pure and innocent regardless of her expressive nature and attractive attire.
When in love with a Jacinta most men find they are unable to think impure thoughts of her and are restricted (in a good way) to having only loving thoughts of her.
- I'm totally in love with this girl, I'd do anything she asked and be content.
- You've fallen for a Jacinta, I hope I'll have that experience some day.
by E-lol March 13, 2011
Verb. (Hard 'g' sound, germp)
1. Gurmp describes the gait of someone who is grumpy. A hasty, stomping appearance to the stride that sometimes results in an unevenness that makes their walking seem inefficient. This inefficiency is often an unconscious choice that allows the person to avoid ruminating on their problems by giving them something to complain about i.e. pain caused by their walking unevenly.

Variant 1. Gurmper, similar to gurmp but tends to encompass a scampering, scurrying haste in the manner of walking. As in being chased or needing to arrive somewhere in a hurry.
Variant 2. Gurmple, Similar again but adds an element of scrambling. This would be used in a situation where the person is trying to gurmp in a small space (e.g. in a cave) and needs to be more nimble.

n. Gurmper or Gurmpkin
Some one who gurmps
Harry gurmped to the graveyard. It was cold but the sun could still be seen hanging bright in the sky.He wished he was just about anywhere but here, it felt like work, but not the fun type of work, the boring work. As he walked he felt the pain he always got in his right knee whenever he had to walk further than from his door to the car. He grumbled under his breath about the doctor not knowing what was wrong with it. He was quite grumpy when he finally arrived and wasn't going to stand for any nonsense.

Harry (above) is a gurmper
by E-lol February 22, 2011
adj. odd-tro-shus
1. So odd as to be considered atrocious. Something oddtrocious would tend to be a new idea or object to the person that they find both difficult to comprehend due to absurdity of it and also wish didn't exist due to the silly or disgusting nature of it.
- *Funny but silly pun*
- That was oddtrocious! I almost wish I hadn't heard that.
by E-lol February 22, 2011

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