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A common misspelling for the famous pants wit the strap on them. It's actually Girbauds,it's french,and you can find M+FG on the strap which stands for Marithe Fracois Girbaud. the price range can be from like 30-100 dollars for one pair,but normally 60-80N
If you go to the store and spell it out J a b o s, they aint gonna kno what youre talkin about. Jabos is wrong. You have to say Girbauds.
by Nicholas Holyfield February 06, 2007
a popular type of clothing wear. often worn with timberland boots and other designer clothing.
"you see i dont sweat these hoes I keep them in flavas like timbos and jabos."
by jjjjj-unit June 21, 2006
Another term for the word Bowel. Or simply, the word Shit. It's a filipino word which implies the need to take a poop.
Bro, i need to jabo really quick. It's squeezing out my ass.

Tangina pare, kelangan ko na mag jabo, puta talaga lumusot na sa brief ko.
by TimothySyofPROJECTFIAT.O February 16, 2012
a really creative photographer.
generally a Phillipine born American.
has too much swagg!
Boy: know any good photographers?
Girl: yahh jabo photgraphy nigguh!
by adreamisawishyourhearmakes January 09, 2012
a japanese person crossed with an aboriginal
guy: are you japanese
jaboriginal: no my mum is asian and my dad is aboriginal
by matt faz April 29, 2007

NOUN: slang term used to call someone's head or skull.

*May be used as an inside joke because some people misinterpret it.
girl: damn...

boy: damn what???

girl: you gotta big JABO!

boy: yeah... girl, you know!

girl: LOL. bwahahaha. i guess...
by Anonymously saying... June 17, 2008
someone who is jewish and is an aboriginal
Someone who is a jabo is an aboriginal and is jewish
by matt faz May 01, 2007
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