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abbrieviation of the clothing brand Marithe'+Francois Girbaud (pronounced Jer-bo). Worn by people real enough to wear them without getting jumped because they are so expensive (usually around $83 plus the tax)
Did you see his new M+FG's? he must've got some extra money or somethin cuz i kno he caint afford Girbaud's.
by rob aka tha styk^kyd April 12, 2006
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jeans usually worn by stockton crip members to represent market filbert and greenwood street located on the east side most likely the jeans they wear are probably knockoffs of the jeans
"He Gots On M+FG He Must Be From The East"
by lildollaz June 13, 2009
Jeans that black hood people wear. Most white people want to wear them but they scared they gonna get shot. Xepensive as hell.
M+FG gonna cost you $90.00
by J Swizy February 16, 2006

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