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St.Lucian Origin. A jabal is a married man's outside woman. A homewrecker.
Mary had a heart attack when her husband's jabal called her phone.
by zanajh August 21, 2010
A guy who loves to run around with his shirt off, makes horrible sexual jokes, and can be extremely gay at times. Also a name for a person who gives himself a gay nickname.
Jabals is such a homo
by The stooges February 19, 2011
Arabic word for (Mountain).
"Jabal" = Mountain (single), "Jibal" = Mountains (plural)
Also used in a rhetorical way to describe someone who have a large amount of patience to stand against all kinds of trouble and pain.
"Qimmah" = Summit/Peak (single), "Qimam" = Peaks (plural)
Also used in a rhetorical way to indicate someone who reached the top in a particular field.
1. "Al-Jibal" are the pegs of the Earth.
2. William Wallace had been the "Jabal" of Scotland.
3. Edmund Hillary reached the "Qimmah" of Everest.
4. Albert Einstein was a "Qimmah" in Physics.
by Zajeros August 06, 2010
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