A so-called rapper who used to rap about murder, but now only sings about love, and how he is tired of being lonely. Gay DMX wanna-be. His sidekick is that ugly banshee Ashanti.
Ja-Rule: baby baby baaaaaabaaaay! Im tired of being lonely! I need someone to hold meeeee.... so baby girl put it on me!!!! Im a homo!!!!
by Zeebo the Barber October 28, 2006
a rapper for bayside,queens new york.he has the most retarded songs ever made,and cant do anything without ashanti and r kelly.ja rule has only 1 ok cd out of 14,which is R.U.L.E.ja rule got mad beef with 50 cent,and cant make anymore music cause 50 whooped his ass big time.
ja rule is a rapper.
by NYCLOC September 13, 2005
1.) A punk ass motha fucka that relys on ashanti to sell records.

2.) a mock-aveli that copys tupac and dmx and thinks no1 notices, 3 words for ja rule, doe ray me, a song of d12 n obie that rips in2 ja rule.
Hailie Daddy is Ja Rule taller than me?

Eminem No honey you guys are the same size
by realestni99a4eva April 30, 2005
Biggest Tupac Wannabe out there besides Jevon Jones (Tha Realest). Does nothing but steal Tupac's lyrics and copy his cross, bandanas and bald head. He should change his name to Mockaveli.
Ja Rule needs to get off Tupac's dick.
by Ashleigh Keys May 18, 2008
A faggot ass "rapper" that quotes Tupac shit all the time like he just wrote it, and acts like he's from the hood.
Ja Rule can suck my left nut.
by Otto Goods January 08, 2006
A rapper who used to be good. Once put into mainstream America became a pop star.

Some one who acts hood, then pop, then when confronted about that, turns hood again.
Ja rule has lost his respect from the hood.
by KillahCam March 04, 2004
A wannabe rapper who is rumored to take it up the ass from his barber.
50 Cent owns this little beyotch, and there ain't nothin Louis Farrakhan can say to change that shit.
by Uncle Funkalunkel November 18, 2003
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