Biggest Tupac Wannabe out there besides Jevon Jones (Tha Realest). Does nothing but steal Tupac's lyrics and copy his cross, bandanas and bald head. He should change his name to Mockaveli.
Ja Rule needs to get off Tupac's dick.
by Ashleigh Keys May 18, 2008
A very nasty fungus that grows on the bottoms of feet, usually after consuming too much of an alcoholic beverage. It is green, moldy, and continues to reproduce itself in the swells and fat cells of your feet. The cure for Ja Rule is to go to your local doctor and get the pill "Tupac" perscribed to you.
"Friend 1: Yo man, i was clubbin' last night with my friend Fat Joe, and then Shaq came and stole his cheeseburger. Fat joe cried, so i took him home, then when i woke up, I had ja rule on my feet!"

"Friend 2: I've had ja rule before, you need to take a dose of tupac"
by Tyrell Jesse May 30, 2005
Gay ass rapper who thinx he has took over the industry, he also hires people in his wack ass videos to look like he is da shit.
Ja rule is gay,gay,gay,gay,gay,gay,and even more gay.
by Kurrupt_88 April 11, 2005
1. A fuckin' fuck.

2. A bout of particularly explosive diarrhea.
Fuckin' Ja Drool is a fuckin' fuck.
A guy with a Hitler mustache.
Look at Ja Rule, he looks like Hitler.
by Mike July 15, 2003
A Wack-Ass mofucka aka ja rule.
Fat Joe is a Ja Rule.
Jada is a Ja Rule.
Irv Gotti is a Ja Rule
Jermaine Dupri ia a Ja Rule
by Baller4Real July 15, 2006
One whom resembles a musk rat.
"Wow, it looks just like Ja Rule!" -Crocodile Hunter
by t3h gEno April 30, 2005
The proper name for him is Ja Sucks. Did I mention he's a faggot?
Ja Sucks is a gay asshole and deserves to be nuked off the face of the earth.
by Assholes Inc. August 27, 2003

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