Stumpy fagott.
Also see. cookie monster
by b11 July 24, 2003
Be a total idiot whos music just sux
"You are like ja rule, this means I insulted you badly"
by PsYKo July 08, 2003
A faggot ass midget whose arms r 2 short and an r&b loving xtc using bitch
by Marald July 26, 2003
The prefix "Ja" means Candy Ass Bitch and "Rule" means Poser Geek. Case and point can be seen in that weak ass video of when he and Bennifer did the VMA's.
"Man, did you see Ja Rule pretend he was hard in that queer ass movie, he really pulled a "Ja Rule".

"Did you see that man with that teeny dick? Man... his parents really "Ja Ruled" him with their genes.
by 2 pack shaker February 15, 2005
Wanksta !!!!! Ja rule stands for "I suck"
'Ja rule at being a rapper'
'I Suck at being a rapper'
by Ja Rule Suk November 28, 2003
Ja Rule, hip hop culture's whipping boy and worst rapper of all time. His name is used to define any situation in which you are going to get super trashed, feel like you have been "a little too fucked up" or got the short end of the stick.


When you're street racing for pinks and you lose, but still expect some booty from Monica afterward.
"Fuck dude, I got a little too Ja Ruled at the party. I had to fucking peace early."

"Get Ja'd bitches"

"Those kids really Ja'd me on the deal."

by Urban Dictionary October 02, 2008
I'm not much for G-Unit...but they're a whole-fuckin-lot better than that punk bitch Ja Rule and Murder Inc.
by Senator Assface August 25, 2006

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