1.) A punk ass motha fucka that relys on ashanti to sell records.

2.) a mock-aveli that copys tupac and dmx and thinks no1 notices, 3 words for ja rule, doe ray me, a song of d12 n obie that rips in2 ja rule.
Hailie Daddy is Ja Rule taller than me?

Eminem No honey you guys are the same size
by realestni99a4eva April 30, 2005
50 Cent's arch enemy; a creative & talented nigga; won the beef cus he got dre; had beef wit Ja bcuz Ja wont let 50 suck his dick; despite all the backstabbing and all that shit, he can still kick 5-0's ass, what?
Ja Rule will kick 50's charcoal, dick-hungry, balls deep, talentless, sour, cock-fucked, chicken, dumb, baby, bitch ass!
by k-oz October 08, 2005
A rapper who has a low rasping voice who 50 Cent does not like.
He is short, but has a muscular body and big dick.
Ja Rule's armpit hair drives me wild.
by badbakht May 22, 2005
the biggest fuckin wangsta alive. he inspired 50 cent 2 sing wangsta.
that wangsta ja rule he never popped nothin.
by friendlt nock February 24, 2004
NYC rapper who does way too many duets with singers such as Ashanti & R. Kelly. After his album Venni Vitti Vicci, he fell off but refuses to stop making albums even after 50 Cent made a fool of him. His lyrics include shouting "BABY GIRL PUT IT ON ME!! WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT YOU!!!"
Every song on Ja Rule's album Blood In My Eye mentions his one-sided beef with fifty
by Rootbeer February 21, 2005
Just a way to say BITCH. He's a WANKSTA. If you like Ja Rule and Murder Inc. Then you wack to . Irv,Ja,Ashanti,Baltimore,Tah,Black Child,and etc. they all wack.GGGGG-UNIT.
by KYLE FROM USA December 01, 2003
a new york rapper wich is really hot so shut the fuck up you haters ... he's done some really good songs ..he cant help it with his voice so back off
ja rule-im from new york ft jadakiss and fat joe
by jagdish November 11, 2006
Bad rapper. Girls think he has good body? Ashantis there for him all the time helping him out and such.Bad
look at all his songs for an example all rubbish no voice id say his the worst person ive ever heard next to 50 cent.
by Jennifer March 30, 2005
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