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Used as a word to define a person that no one likes online or in real life.

The NERD part comes from having no life because no one likes you, the BOT part comes from only playing with bots on counter-strike because no one likes that person online either.
"What a nerdbot!"
by eMan April 27, 2004
A Web bookmarking system that allows users to have their bookmarks synchronized between multiple computers and browsers.
Yo, I am totally going to chipmark this webpage.
by eMan April 14, 2005
a portable mp3 player - the 21st century's answer to Sony Walkman(and Discman)
"I hope my girl gets me an i-pod for Christmas."
by eman November 10, 2003
aspects of a dangerous thing or situation which could lead to serious injury or death.

(from "trike", or the 3-wheeled motorized ATV, which have since become illegal to manufacture, and in some places, even use due to the high number of fatalities caused by their flipping backwards and killing their riders).
"i hear the trike factor on this new audi is pretty scary."
by eman November 14, 2003
The funniest joke ever invented in the history of humor. A joke so funny hearing it without proper preparation could cause death or serious internal bleeding.
........I don't get it.
by Eman January 31, 2005
adj. Amazing online, terrible on LAN. (Refers to online games such as counter-strike and other e-sports that can possibly be hacked)
He is so e-mazing, he dropped 30 in his CAL match yesterday, but at TFL he was 1-14.
by eMan September 02, 2005
Something that is way narly.
See: narly

Another use is sonar as in so narly.
What's it like to kiss a smoker?
1) An ash tray, 2) the floor of a barn,
3) I don't kiss smokers, 4) I smoke, therefore I have no taste buds.

It depends on how horny and or drunk I am. If it’s on, then It's not an issue at all.

Otherwise I think it's waynar.
by Eman August 06, 2004

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