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To bust ass is to fart. BUT if used with a possesive, it means to work hard.
Also often used with a possessive and immediately followed by an infinitive
I just busted ass and it smells real bad.

You better be busting your ass if you want to finish the job on schedule.

I was busting my ass to finish my homework on time.
by suckondeez May 14, 2003
To work really hard on something.
Dude, you'd better bust ass if you wanna finish that on time!
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
when somebody lets out a disgustingly huge fart; this is usually announced.
"Whoa shit you guys! Back up! I'm about to bust ass"
by britt October 30, 2003
A woman whose breast cleavage looks like someone's buttocks.
Damn, wigga! Your woman's gotta bust ass. You best keep her off the beach.
by fucwad April 25, 2004
to rip an unprecdentedly large fart, one that sounds like a large plane has just flown overhead

also see busting ass

past tense: busted ass
"Hold on to your hats everyone, I have to bust ass"

"Damn, it sounds like a grizzly bear growling in here! No, it was just dad busting ass again"

"My ol' man busted ass so hard it woke me up!"
by weeze November 16, 2004
to fart; passing gas; flatulating
I was sitting on the couch with my girlfriend when all of a sudden she busted ass. It smelled like a dead animal.

i needed to bust ass so bad while I was waiting in line at the bank, but instead I waited until I was outside and finally let one rip.
by TheMaskedPhantom November 12, 2012
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