A punk ass fake nigga who grew up in a rich neiborhood, and thx he's gangsta when he aint nothin but a fake ass wanksta whos was a record company called murder inc but all there songs are r&b and none of them are even good
ja rule is 50cents bitch
by Doe C dOe April 16, 2005
While it may seem as if Ja Rule (born Jeff Atkins) exploded out of nowhere with his debut Def Jam album Venni Vetti Vecci and its successful lead single "Holla, Holla," this Hollis, Queens, native had actually paid plenty of dues before being catapulted to superstar status. Beginning with a low-profile appearance on Mic Geronimo's 1995 B-side, "Time to Build," he began making increasingly higher-profile appearances before finally getting a chance to shine in Jay-Z's "Can I Get A…," a massive urban radio and MTV hit from late 1998. Along the way to this landmark moment for Ja Rule, he also moonlighted in the Cash Money Click collective, which scored a deal with TVT Records that unfortunately only resulted in a sole single, 1995's "Get the Fortune." Of course, having experienced substantial success with the Jay-Z collaboration, he soon found himself signed to a contract with the monolithic Def Jam label. His debut, 1999's Venni Vetti Vecci, which featured some stunning cameos from major rap artists including a collaboration with both Jay-Z and DMX on "It's Murda", scored heavy rotation with its "Holla Holla" lead single and went platinum by the end of the year. Furthermore, Ja Rule's affiliation with both the Ruff Ryders and Roc-A-Fella camps guaranteed him plenty of great cameos on a host of artists' albums, including the massive Ruff Ryders, Vol. 1 album. Following the success of 1999, Ja Rule receded from the media spotlight for the majority of 2000, returning in October with his follow-up album, Rule 3:36. This album found him moving in more adventurous directions, broadening his palette of styles to include some more melancholic songs such as the lead single, a collaboration with Christina Milian titled "Between Me and You", then with his 3rd album Pain is love, follow up with his Fourth album The Last Temptation. Ja rule just unleash a violent album call "Blood in my eye" a diss album aiming at shady/aftermath and g-unit.
nigga did you get that new ja rule joint called "Blood in my eye"? damn home boy that album is the shit nigga is spitting fire at 50, i told you that nigga ja rule is comming back.
by Kabal April 02, 2004
a rapper every one used to love. now is hated on because 50 cent pointed out his fake ass. now everybody is making like they hate him. cmon now i know u used to think he was good. otherwise he wouldnt have used to sell all those records.
............cycle of hiphop............
Back in the day....
johnny: ja rule is tight. he's a true gangsta.
clarence: yah dogg. i luv him. hes the man.
Present day (50 cent makes a song called wanksta) ...
johnny: ja rule is a faggot ass wanksta.
clarence: yah dogg. i never liked him. 50 cent is the man.
Future... (new rapper red cafe points out 50 cents fake ass in a song called "gayfer" )
johhny: 50 cents gay man. i never used to listen to his music. red cafe is the man.
clarence: yah dude. 50 is a gayfer.
by ez duzz February 13, 2004
is a fuckin bastard, hes tryin to be a nigga, but he just a wanksta.
I smell pussy,is that u Ja rule?
by gabby December 18, 2003
Should have been on the soundtrack to passion of the christ.
It's murdaaaaaaaaaa
by IReallyDespiseJaRule,YaKnow? April 29, 2004
Hmm.. am i the only one who finds it weird that everybody claims ja rule is a "wanksta" for making love ballads now? he has been making music for way longer that "15 minutes"(1999-2003). He has been making music for a while now and it is only natural that he would progress from being gangster(Holla Holla,(1999-2000 era)to making club bangers(livin it up etc.) alot of artists do this LL Cool J went from being hot as hell( I cant live without my radio, mama siad knock u out...) to making love ballads ( i need love, etc) does that make him a wanksta? Nope. what about Nate Dogg he always fronts like hes hard as fcuk but all he does is sing hooks, even the "Almighty" 50 cent had that 21 questions song (wackest track) which unquestionably makes hima hyprocrite (especially since he cant rhyme if his life depended on it.
if ja rule constitutes a wanksta then so are the following:
50 Cent(21 questions)
LL Cool J ( I need love)
Nate Dogg (every song he has ever been on)
etc... if u children think that 50 cent is real hip hp then u should educate urself with some KRS ONE RAKIM and the entire Afrocentric Hip Hop movement of the early 90s and late 80s ( ATCQ Poor Righteous Teachers, Arrested Devolopment etc.)

and now i assume u will think i am wack for sticking up for JA Rule, i could care less, a piece of feces is better than 50(wack, hyprocritical "MC")
by THEDOPEISH August 16, 2004
An insult to hip hop.A wannabe thug that thinks he's all hardcore. Can this guy say one sentence without sayin HOLLA at the end of it? No.
Ja Rule: Murder Inc. y'all! i r da ill3st! Holla!!!!!!!!!!!!
Onlooker: Shut up, you bizzatch. kplzthxbai.
by kplzthxbai August 20, 2003
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